WarioWare: Smooth Moves (original title in Japanese: Odoru Made in Wario) is a video game that was developed by Nintendo SPD Group No. 1 and Intelligent Systems. The game was first published by Nintendo for Wii systems in Japan on December 2, 2006. The international versions of the game were released in January 2007 after being censored to be more politically correct and to tone down sexuality and violence. The Korean version, released in 2009, was further censored from the international version.


International censorship[]

  • In the "Boom Box" mini game, the first opponent had his turban removed, while the second had his afro removed.
  • In the mini game "Saving Face", the woman lying on the chair is wearing a dress in the original Japanese version. In the international version, her outfit was changed to a shirt and pants so that her legs, arms, and cleavage are no longer exposed.
  • The snot bubble seen when Red is sleeping was removed in most international versions of the game, except in South Korea.
  • In the image called "Diner", a man is shown holding two swords in the Japanese version. The international version changed the image to a man holding silverware and getting ready to eat.

South Korean censorship[]

(All international censorship applies)

  • In the "Cold Call" mini game, the Japanese medieval nobles were changed to Korean medieval nobles.
  • In the "Three's a Crowd" mini game, Wario is originally wearing Japanese medieval clothing in a Japanese house with a ninja and Japanese woman looking over him. In the Korean version, this is changed to Wario wearing normal clothes and being in a jungle sleeping next to a money and bananas.
  • In the intro that shows Kat and Ana, the man looking like a samurai with a samurai-styled ponytail was changed to a man with a long mustache and beard. This change also applies to their epilogue.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original Japanese version is uncensored.


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