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There's probably Encanto is going to be aired in Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior is some countries (not every worldwide, because, some countries was shuttled down all Disney TV Channels, due from Disney+) on this upcoming year (2024). As well in U.S.A., Canada, Latin America and Brazil.

The scene after "Waiting On A Miracle" song, the piece from the roof of the "Casita" was fell down, while the house's destruction begins, Mirabel was noticed about this breakable sound come from, Mirabel grabs the piece from the roof, and she hurts her palm from her left hand, she drops the piece of the roof and she watches her hand if she noticied herself haves her boo boo from her hand.

I know this theorized concept from this censor of I invented sounds ridiculous, because, It's a simple boo boo, is NOT explicit and only is an accident and some children knows about accidents. And there's NO extreme gore about this scene, only there a little scar from her hand, btw, this scene is going to be cut, and skipped to the next frame focusing on Mirabel keeps watching her wound from her hand (I guess).

Segments about the "censored" scene on Disney Junior[]

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