Ultimate Spider-Man is a 2012 animated television series based on the Marvel character Spider-Man.

International censorship[]

Post-production censorship[]

Season 1[]

Episode 4: "Venom"[]
    1. In any scene showing Spider-Man's buttocks, after a piece of his suit around that area was torn off, his buttocks were pixelated.

Season 2[]

Episode 4: "Kraven the Hunter"[]
  1. After White Tiger goes feral and shreds Sam Alexander's Nova suit, he uses a pizza box to cover the exposed areas claiming it's better than Spider-Man's idea. This is then followed with an imagination spot, showing Sam's exposed buttocks as Spider-Man makes him a web diaper, his buttocks were pixelated during the imagination spot.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no uncensored version.

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