Tromba Trem

Trunk Train is a Brazilian Flash-animated series created by Zé Brandão and produced by Copa Studio. It was aired on Netflix and Cake Entertainment.


English version[]

Season 2[]

  • Duda's Pet
    1. The scene where Robledo pees Termite Queen was cut.

Cake Entertainment[]

Season 1[]

  • The Stranger
    1. The scene where Duda says "Is it an angel? A god?" was cut.

Disney Channel[]

  • The episodes "Hic, Hic, Hurra!" and "Guerreiros de Dudadriel" were banned during violence.

Where to find uncensored[]

In Brazil and Latin America, Trunk Train was only aired uncensored on TV Cultura, Cartoon Network, Tooncast, Boomerang, TV Rá Tim Bum, TV Aparecida, Señal Colombia and Canal IPe.