Tranzor Z is the American adaptation for Mazinger Z airing in 1984. Like many dubbed adaptations of anime during the twentieth century, especially for younger audiences, there were several changes to original content (e.g. the main characters receiving western names such as Koji being renamed as Tommy Davis).

Censorships and Amendments[]

  • While the overall plot remains the same, some episodes were removed for US television guidelines of 65 episodes. Names were also changed to fit those guidelines, from Japanese to several Western names and names from religious sources such as Dr. Hell were changed to Dr. Demon and Mazinger Z to Tranzor Z. References to Japanese cultures were also removed to appeal to a western audience.
  • Although it is notable that some major aspects of the original show were not changed during the import, such as Devleen's (Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z) dual-sexed nature and the deaths of the major villains.
  • In addition, the series ends on adapting Episode 91, with Dr. Demon defeated and all of his minions dead (as the dub mentions). Despite this, when certain scenes were edited for content, footage of Great Mazinger and Tetsuya from the 92 episode of Mazinger was used, effectively making Tetsuya and Great Mazinger the same character as Tommy and Tranzor Z in the adaptation