Trails of Cold Steel 3 is a RPG video game that was developed by Nihon Falcom and published by NIS America (WW) and Nihon Falcom (JP). The video game was released on September 28, 2017. Sexuality was toned down and the game was made more politically correct for the International release.


International Censorship[]

  • The scene where Altina says "I see that Yuna-san unexpectedly process a high level of femininity." it was changed to "Juna, I suspect you process some unexpectedly high cooking skills."
  • The scene where Sidney says "You saw it too, haven't you? The bodyline of that Alisa-san." it was changed to "But you saw that bombshell babe Alisa too right? How can I focus after a eyeful of that?"
    • Wayne then says "C-certainty, it was splendidly well balanced." it was changed to "I mean...she's quite attractive."
    • After Sidney replies to Wayne, Wayne then says "Humph. Any healthy young man would-" it was changed to "Well of course, I have eyes, you-"
    • After he cuts himself off Wayne then says "Would not...!" it was changed to "Er! I mean!"
  • After Sidney tells him to stomp thinking of Alisa Wayne says "E-even I'm retraining myself here you know." it was changed to "Honestly I'm trying to concentrate."
  • A scene where a pair of female knights refer to their leader as their "Master" it was changed to "Lord".
  • The scene where Ennea says "Ara, were you having an erotic conversation by chance?" it was changed to "My, are we interrupting something...intimate..."
  • The scene where Tatiana says "That way Musse-san is moving her hand, in addition to Celine-san's meows, it's rather erotic..." it was changed to "Musse's soft, yet delicate strokes...Celine's sweat delicate meows..."
  • The scene where Juna says "Uwah, what mature lingerie..."
  • The scene where Celine says "Hahh, you lasses always be so boisterous..." it was changed to "Hmph, you're making too much of a racket."
  • The scene where Juna says "You too, if you just shut up would look like a elegant curly haired lady." it was changed to "And your hair has such nice fluffy curls to it."
  • The scene where Ash says "You take on visitors from morning till night, don't ya? I'm sure you've run into trouble at least once." it was changed to "You talk to people all day right? I'm sure you run into trouble."
    • The scene where Sister Olfa says "
  • The scene where Mysterious Girl says "Loli" was changed to "But I make for quite a charmer in this tiny form."
  • The scene where Ash says "Show some backbone. Don't go losing to a bunch of girls." was changed to "Don't go killing everyone's morale with your whining.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese version of the game is uncensored.