Toy Story 2 is a animated CGI movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios and was released theatrically in 1999 by Disney. Disney censored the movie for its DVD, Blu-ray, digital, and Disney+ releases to remove a questionable scene of flirting, following the #MeToo movement in the film industry and John Lasseter's resignation from Disney/Pixar after allegations of sexual misconduct.


International censorship[]



Disney Is Removing A Controversial Scene From Toy Story 2

  • An "outtake" scene during the end credits shows Stinky Pete flirting with female Barbie figures until he notices a camera observing them. This scene was cut in 2019.[1]

Where to find it uncensored[]

The theatrical release, the theatrical HD release, DVD releases prior to late 2019, VHS releases from the 2000s, and early digital releases, along with online versions and streaming sites have the movie uncensored.

The uncensored version was accidentally made available on Disney+ on its launch date. However, it was removed 10 minutes later and was replaced with the politically-correct censored version.


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