Total Drama Island is a Canadian show and the reboot of the Total Drama franchise.


International Censorship

  • Episodes 1-6, Episode 13
    1. The skin color of MK (A contestant of Asian ethnicity) was changed to prevent racial stereotypes for Re-Runs of the series in Italy and releases outside of the country.

UK Censorship (CBBC)

  • Episode 22
    1. In a scene that shows MK holding a red bottle of gas as Chef's car burns, she is shown for barely a second before it shifts to the next scene.
    2. The scene after the fridge crushes Raj, where it has his hand sticking out under it while crawling around with Wayne watching him was cut.
    3. In one of Julia's confessionals, it has Julia sliding her finger on her axe, but it zooms completely up to her face. However, later in the BBC version, it shows Julia doing that anyways.

Where to find uncensored[]

Every other country aired Total Drama Island uncensored.

The discovery+ release in Italy still has the episodes with MK’s original skin color.