Total Drama All-Stars is a Canadian TV show that was made by Teletoon. It was released in January 9 and it ended November 20, 2014. When it was released in Europe it was censored in order to make the show more family friendly.


Partial European censorship[]

  • Episode 2
  1. The scenes where Lightning vomits in the confessional was cut due to disgustingness.
  • Episode 4
  1. The scene where a bear is urinating on Cameron was cut.
  2. The scene where Sierra vomits during her turn was cut.
  3. The scene where Gwen vomits on Duncan was cut.
  4. The scene where Gwen vomits in the confessional was cut.
  5. The scene where a raccoon throws up was cut.
  6. The scene where Alejandro says "My sexy cheek" was cut due to sexual
  7. The scene where Sam burps loudly after "winning" the challenge was cut.
  • Episode 5
  1. The scene here Gwen vomits was cut.
  • Episode 6
  1. The scene that shows Duncan breaking his knife in the confessional was cut.
  2. The scene that shows Cody 2 throwing up was cut, and the vomit was erased or pixelated.
  • Episode 7
  1. The scene where Cody vomits on Sierra in the confessional was cut.
  2. The scene where Fang punches Scott was cut
  1. Episode 9
  2. 1. The Muntant Ezekiel missing puking on Cameron scene was cut.
  3. Episode 11
  4. The a robot that hitting Scott scene was cut.
  5. The vomiting bird scene was cut.
  6. Episode 12
  1. The scene of Chris puking on the portrait was cut, and was replaced with the previous of Chris saying "What in earth is that aroma?!". That sentence was replaced by "For showing up last, and defcsing my portrait, Gwen takes the flush!".

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Canadian versions is uncensored.