Tomorrow Never Dies is an American spy movie that was made by MGM and United Artists. It was released on December 19, 1997 and is part of the James Bond franchise. It was targeting a 12 rating and a PG-13 rating, as a result the distributor censored the movie. Violence was toned down and nudity was removed from the movie.


Theatrical version censorship (international)[]

  • The scene where Stamper murders the surviving British sailors in the water by gunning them down with a machine gun was modified in the theatrical release. The shot that shows the bullet holes in the sailors was replaced with a close up of the camera that was filling the act.
  • The scene where Bond sleeps with a Danish woman was modified in the theatrical release. The original version showed her bare breast. In the theatrical version she is covered by bed sheets.
  • The scene where Bond and Wai Lin fall into a bedroom via the ceiling was shortened in the theatrical version version. The original version shows them falling in the bedroom, and then it shows a Chinese woman and a Chinese man having sex, and then Bond and Wai Lin escape via motorcycle. The theatrical version removes the scene where the Chinese woman and man have sex.
  • The scene where Gupta dies was modified in the theatrical version. The original version showed the gunshot wound and it showed the blood splatter. The blood was removed in the theatrical version.

UK Censorship[]

In addition to the theatrical version edits applied internationally, the UK version had some additional censorship:

  • The scene where Bond is hit in the back with a baseball bat and then punched in the gut was cut.
  • The scene where Bond shots and kills Kaufman was shortened. The original version showed the Kaufmans wound in the UK version it is no longer part of the scene.
  • The scene where a spear gun kills one of the men was shortened, the UK version no longer shows the man falling.
  • The scene where Bond throws a chakra torture knife into Stamper's leg was modified in the UK version. The Original version has Bond take out a guard and then Stamper struggles to remove it. In the UK version it has Stamper struggles to remove it and then Bond takes out a guard.
  • The scene where Bond grabbing and dispatching sailor on Stealth Boat was replaced with a scene where Bond is creeping forward.
  • The scene where Wai Lin's throws a ninja star was shortened.
  • The scene where Bond's foot is pressed into man's head and then there is a loud stopping sound scene was shortened and the sound was removed.
  • The scene where Bond shots a man and then man falling down the stairs. The BBFC modified the scene, instead of it showing someone being shot and falling it has a new scene with a different person falling.
  • The scene where Bond stabs Stamper was cut.
  • The scene where Stamper was pushing Bond against a steel pillar was replaced with a scene of Bond's hand moving towards the detonator.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no completely uncensored version; the least censored version is the American version.