Tokyo Mew Mew is the name of the anime adaptation of the Tokyo Mew Mew manga, on which the episodes are based. The series was directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Studio Pierrot. The story focuses on the five girls infused with D.N.A. of endangered animals that give them special powers. These powers allow the girls to transform into super-heroines, and they fight to protect the Earth from a group of aliens who wish to "reclaim" it. The series was broadcast on both TV Aichi and TV Tokyo in Japan and premiered on April 6, 2002. It aired weekly until it ended on March 29, 2003.

Mew Mew Power[]

Mew Mew Power is the English-language dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, licensed by 4Kids Entertainment. The English dub aired from February 19th, 2005, to July 6th, 2006, with only 23 episodes (26 in other English-speaking countries) airing in the United States. The show was later dropped from the 4Kids block.

Cuts and Edits[]

Due to 4kids' heavy censorship, the original plot of Tokyo Mew Mew was nearly completely changed. The first episode of Mew Mew Power was the twelfth episode of Tokyo Mew Mew. In which Mark (Aoyama) ends up happy to find Zoey (Ichigo) as a Mew Mew. However, the pilot episode is completely forgotten and regarded as not having existed in the rest of Mew Mew Power. In addition, many cat puns are added for a humorous effect. The aliens become Cyniclons, and their Chimera Animas are called Predasites. Visual edits, such as Japanese text, are completely erased or replaced by English text to Body lines in the transformations are removed to prevent "mature themes." Mew Lettuce's transformation is cut, so Bridget (Retasu) is only shown transforming in group transformations. All Mew Mew marks are removed except for in Mew's premiere episode. Renée's (Zakuro) weapon is censored because it is in the shape of a Christian cross. Dialogue is changed, sometimes for an unknown reason, leading to complete plot changes and the creation of many plot holes. One example of this is Corina (Minto) telling Zoey that Kikki (Bu-Ling) lived in a homeless shelter and, episodes later, showing her home and her siblings. They added a line from Corina saying that it was something that they all assumed to be true, but since it was her that said it to make Zoey feel guilty for telling Kikki to "go home", it was obvious that this was done due to the English dubbers not watching ahead and straying away from the original script.

The Aliens' Mission[]

Another big change was the origin of the aliens, known in this dub as the Cyniclons. In the Japanese version, Earth was their home, but they had to move due to changes in the environment. So they had to move to another planet until Earth stabilized, but the planet they ended up on was worse than Earth. But since it took most of what they had to get there, they couldn't go back to Earth until millions of years later. By the time they were able to get back, they found humans living on Earth and polluting it. So the aliens want Earth back before humans destroy it. In the English dub, this was all changed to the Cyniclons always living on a different planet, but they polluted it so badly that the planet destabilized, so they had to leave but ended up on a worse planet. They soon find out about the humans and want Earth out of jealousy of the humans for being able to keep a planet, despite the pollution they create on it.

Cuts in Mew Mew Power[]

There were also many cuts made to the episodes (some cuts even lasting 30 seconds to a full minute), even some that were important to the plot. Ichigo's merging with the Iriomote Wildcat was cut completely, causing confusion on how she got her powers. The scene showing Bu-Ling's father training in China is cut as well, so it's unknown if she even had a father in the English dub. Almost 4 minutes were cut out of episode 13 altogether due to it referencing episode 12 (which was put into discontinuity) and making it take place right after episode 11. So instead of Ichigo being afraid that Aoyama found out her secret at the cherry tree incident, they changed it to Zoey being afraid that Mark recognized her on TV.


Mew Ichigo The scene where DNA is being shown was completely cut due to the fact that Ichigo was naked. In the next scene, where sparkles begin to fall, shadows on Ichigo's or Zoey's body are removed, giving her a 'flat' appearance. The background in which Ichigo poses is removed completely. Instead, the time the Mew Pendant is shown is lengthened. Mew Mint: Like Ichigo, the scene where DNA is shown is cut, as is the fact that Mint is naked. That scene also contained when Mew Mint's wings folded over to make the dress she later broke from. The scene where Mew Mint is posing is cut completely. Instead, the time the Mew Pendant is shown is lengthened. Mew Lettuce: Her entire transformation was cut due to her being naked during most of it. Parts of it were only shown during the group transformation sequences 4Kids made. Mew Pudding: Like the first two Mew Mews, the DNA scenes are cut, along with the scene her arm cuffs appear in. A small part when her main outfit comes on was cut as well. At the end, Mew Pudding is holding a different pose to avoid the Chinese reference at the end of the sequence. Out of all the transformations, Mew Pudding's was the one with the most cuts (if you don't count Mew Lettuce's being cut completely). Mew Zakuro: Like the others, the DNA is cut. To remove the fact that she was naked, 4Kids added a bra and underwear to her before her Mew Mew clothes appeared. When Mew Zakuro comes forward to land gracefully on her ending scene, the scene is sped up, but her ending pose is kept.