The Stanley Parable is a story-based video game designed and written by Davey Wreden and William Pugh, later known as the developer Galactic Cafe. The game satirizes themes such as choice in video games, the relationship between a game creator and player, and predestination/fate. Some content that offended two people were removed in an update to the game.[1]


Ultra Deluxe version[]

In the in-game video regarding choice, the dialog "He could spend years helping to improve the quality of life for citizens of impoverished third-world nations, or he could systematically set fire to every orphan living in a thirty-kilometer radius of his house" is changed to "He could invent a machine that eliminates food shortages across the world to make life better for all people, or he could spend years of hard work forgetting how to read", and an offending illustration of a child being set on fire is removed.[2]


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