The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is an animated film released on November 19, 2004 by Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Stephen Hillenberg, the creator of the SpongeBob SquarePants series. The film was subject to censorship for television channels targeted towards children.


International censorship[]

The majority of the censorship to the original theatrical version was applied to cut down on runtime for international television broadcasts with tight schedules, as well as the removal of content found to be mildly inappropriate for a younger demographic.

  • The sentences Mr. Krabs whispers into SpongeBob's ear while informing him that he was not given the job as manager of The Krusty Krab 2 are reversed on TV airings, because you can hear Mr. Krabs say "jackass".
  • The scene of SpongeBob getting "drunk" on ice cream was cut in some regions, such as Australia and Germany. As a result the scene in which SpongeBob and Patrick consume large amounts of ice cream is also cut.
  • The scene in which King Neptune demands "Relinquish the crown at once!" was changed to "Hand over the crown at once!"
  • The scene in which King Neptune says "For as smart as you are, you left one damning piece of evidence..." to Mr. Krabs was modified to "As clever as you are, you left one darning piece of evidence..."
  • During the Goofy Goober Rock musical sequence, SpongeBob sings 'I say no. No, no freaking way' which was changed to 'I say no. No, no, no, no way'.
  • Mr. Krabs being set ablaze by King Neptune was cut in some regions, such as Australia.
  • The scene in which Plankton threatens "I will destroy you all!" was changed to "I will get my revenge!

Production edits[]

A large number of scenes and moments were cut from pre-release material and storyboards, partly due to reducing the running time of the film.

  • When Mr. Krabs says that a customer's order started out as simple one (a Krabby Patty with cheese), he says there is no cheese in there. What was cut was SpongeBob saying "So what went wrong?" before the rest of the scene continues as normal (he said this before Krabs revealed there was no cheese). For some reason, this line is kept in the video game.
  • An additional shot with SpongeBob showing Patrick the calendar.
  • A short 20-second scene showing Spongebob walking to The Krusty Krab.
  • When Phil is asked about his family, he originally said "Yeah, yeah, I have a lovely wife and two beautiful children." which was shortened to just "I have a wife and two beautiful children."
  • Afterwards, SpongeBob said "I've only got one shot at this, I have the right tool for the job. Bingo!" The Bingo part was completed.
  • A 5-second scene of SpongeBob putting melted cheese in the Krabby Patty. This is used in the trailer and was completed.
  • During the ceremony, SpongeBob originally said: "This is the grand opening ceremony of The Krusty Krab 2 and the announcement of a new manager!" Instead he says "This is the grand opening ceremony where Mr. Krabs will announce a new manager!"
  • Originally Squidward's area manager badge said "Area Manager Squidward".
  • A shot of an airplane that says: "Congratulations, Squidward, on your new promotion to area manager!"
  • SpongeBob in the Goofy Goober depressed, sings "goofy goober yeah" while sad. Also, originally the camera was in front of SpongeBob instead of behind and the line was dubbed over (but you can still see some mostly unnoticeable lip sync).
  • A scene where Patrick gets his toy thrown at him and SpongeBob hears, "Triple Gooberberry Sunrise" were added later in the film.
  • SpongeBob originally said "Ah, boy Pat!" in the animatics but the "Ah" at the beggining was removed from the final movie.
  • An extended line from Karen: I hate to be the one to tell you but my sensors indicate that SpongeBob and his pink friend have made it past the county line!
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick were getting tipsy from the Triple Gooberberry Sunrise (it had whiskey), he called the waiter "a bartender" instead.
  • An extended version of the scene of SpongeBob and Patrick with The Goofy Goober. What was cut was Spongebob yelling "Let me hear you out people!" before a son asks his mother if they can leave. SpongeBob then calls the waiter on them. This part was replaced with the "It's a little ditty called..." line. Other than this change, it's just a few additional and extended shots of the scene that were cut as well.
  • After SpongeBob wakes up in The Goofy Goober Bar, a extended version of a conversation is shown below: Bartender: Hey, wake up pal! Spongebob: (Groans) Ugh. My head hurts. Bartender: I'm trying to get outta here! Spongebob: I would like a Double Fudge Spinny please. Bartender: Listen pal, it's 8 in the morning! Go scoop up your friend and get going!
  • There was an additional shot of Squidward being promoted as manager for The Krusty Krab 2 where he has a cake and puts it on the table.
  • When SpongeBob is playing with the soap dispenser in the bar, when the song begins, the second "olololo yeyeye" was cut.
  • One of the people in the bar originally said "I'm gonna find out who did it!" but was changed to "Somebody in here ain't a real man!"
  • When SpongeBob tells Patrick not to sing along during the test, he reffers to him by "Pat".
  • After Squidward finds out about Plankton's plan, a biker says "That's right!" and drives off. Squidward than says another line not in the final movie: "Something smells fishy around here, and for once it isn't my long break."
  • When Squidward enters The Krusty Krab 2.0, he sees Plankton working there, much to his surprise, this is where a line was shortened" So you're selling the Krabby Patties huh, Plankton?" (The bold parts are cut)
  • After SpongeBob and Patrick stop laughing about Victor's intimidation, there was an unused line: "How about when he was like 'looks like we have ourselves a double baby!' Before Patrick said "and then he was like 'it wasn't us, it wasn't us!' (These 2 lines were both cut)
  • Patrick saying "hi" to one of the skulls is not in the uncut Version. SpongeBob's response wasn't either.
  • Originally, Patrick stayed silent when SpongeBob fell into the car. But these few frames were redrawn to have him ask if he got the ice cream (he didn't).
  • The beginning of "Now That We're Men" had the extended intro from the background soundtrack "Fight! Fight! Fight!".
  • When Patrick's pants are ripped off, it shows the monster that ripped it off (this deleted scene would have been a homage to the Ripped Pants episode)
  • The ending of "Now that We're Men" had alternate shots from completely different angles but the audio stays unaltered.
  • Originally, Polly was a puppet like in the show rather than a real parrot.
  • The infamous Sandy scene. When the two come across a computer animated Sandy, Patrick is disgusted and SpongeBob asks Sandy where they should go to get back to Bikini Bottom. She says to take a bus and that she would go with them, but has a story arc of her own. She spots exterminators and shoots them while SpongeBob and Patrick are being chased by human versions of themselves and find Dave Hasselhoff to use to escape their human counterparts. This is probably not the biggest change but is the most well known deleted scene.
  • An additional shot of David Hasselhoff jumping out of the water like a dolphin.
  • An alternate ending: Originally Eugene Harold Krabs would enter SpongeBob's bedroom while wearing the manager hat.


  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was originally intended to be the series finale, as creator Stephen Hillenberg feared the show would "jump the shark". However, shortly after the film's release Nickelodeon would go on to order a 4th season of SpongeBob SquarePants due to the franchise's incredible popularity and profitability. As a result, Hillenberg appointed co-writer Paul Tibbitt to replace him as series showrunner while remaining in an executive producer role until his death in 2018.

Where to find it uncensored[]

DVD home videos of the film are fully uncensored, as well as the original theatrical release.

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