The Simpsons Movie is an animated film based on The Simpsons animated television sitcom. The movie was released on July 21, 2007. In America it was rated PG-13 without cuts, but the TV station FX censored it when it aired the movie. Due to network standards, nudity and swearing was censored for the TV broadcast.


Australian/Spanish/Russian censorship[]

Channel 11[]

  • The scene that shows Bart's genitalia was modified for the Channel 11 broadcast in Australia. In the Channel 11 version, Bart's genitalia is covered with a black box that said "RUSSIAN VERSION ONLY". On Spain, Bart's genitalia was pixelated. Unlike Russia, was uncensored, because of the war.
  • The scene that shows the bomb disposal robot using a gun to shoot himself in the head was modified for the Channel 11 broadcast. In the Channel 11 version it was replaced with a close up on the bomb's wire.
  • The scene that shows Otto using drugs was cut.
  • The scene where Otto says "What, what's going on." was cut.

Japanese/Chinese censorship[]

  • To comply with an article of the Japanese Penal Code against display of sexual organs, Bart's genitalia was blurred. On China, Bart's genitalia was covered by a black box that says "JAPANESE DVD ONLY" In Chinese.

USA/Canadian censorship[]


  • The scene that shows Bart's genitalia was modified for the FX broadcast in the United States. When aired on FX, Bart's genitalia either blurred or is covered with a black box that says "CENSORED". Was only on Canada. or "EUROPEAN VERSION ONLY".
  • Sometimes, the scene where Marge says "Somebody throw the goddamn bomb!" it was changed to "Somebody throw the freaking bomb!"

Where to find it uncensored[]

The theatrical release and DVD home videos outside of Japan were uncensored. It was uncensored in Europe and Russia. and on Australia's 7mate broadcast. It is also uncensored on HBO and Disney+.