The Santa Clause is a comedy Christmas movie released by Disney on November 11, 1994. Children who called a toll-free 800 number that was seen in the film discovered that it was actually a phone sexual hotline operated by American TelNet in Miami, Florida.[1] As a result, later home video releases were censored.[2]


International censorship[]


All of these edits apply to Blu-rays and DVDs produced recently.

  • The scene that shows Scott's mom handing Scott a piece of paper with a phone number for Neal's mom was cut.
  • The scene that shows Scott looking at the paper was cut.
  • The scene where Scott says "1-800-SPANKME? I know that number?" was cut. On television broadcasts, the number is changed to 1-800-POUND.
  • The scene where Scott's mom says "Merry Christmas to you." was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Early physical releases on VHS are uncensored.[2]