The Rescuers is an animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney and released on June 22, 1977. In January 1999, Disney recalled 3.4 million copies of the home video release as nudity was briefly visible for a split second. This was removed from subsequent physical media releases. Disney+ uses this censored cut.[1]


International censorship[]

  • In the scene where Orville slides down past a window, a topless female was visible for two frames of animation. The nudity was removed all future releases and is the version used by Disney+.[2]

Where to find it uncensored[]

Only some of the original theatrical releases and the January 5, 1999 home video release are known to have the offending scene. The preceding 1992 LaserDisc and VHS releases used a different print which did not have the nudity. No one is known to have noticed the nudity in theatrical showings as it is only visible for 2 frames (1/12 of a second) when viewed at normal speed.


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