The Office is an American comedy TV show that was made by NBC. It was released on March 24, 2005 and ended on May 16, 2013. Due to the backlash to a joke involving suicide the episode was censored for all future reruns and the episode was censored. The words "Fuck", "shit", "asshole" and "goddamn" were all bleeped out.


USA Censorship[]


Season One[]

  • Episode 2 (Diversity Day)
  1. The scene where Michael impersonates Chris Rock and says "Some ignorant asshole that fucked up, I can't take care of my kid! Shit is always on credit! For something they're suppose to do!" The words "hole", "fucked" and "shit" was bleeped.

Season Three[]

  • Episode 1 (Gay Witch Hunt)
  1. The scene where Michael says "I watched Queer as Fuck." The word "fuck" is bleeped.
  • Episode 10 (A Benihana Christmas)
  1. The scene where Michael is riding on his bike and says "Ugh, fuck." The word "fuck" is bleeped.
  • Episode 15 (Phyllis' Wedding)
  1. The scene where Michael says "This is bullshit." The word "shit" is bleeped.
  • Episode 22 (Beach Games)
  • During the hot dog eating contest, a “that’s what she said” joke has been edited out. All contestants, in unison said “that’s what she said”, after Michael says the line “dip it in the water so it’ll slide down your gullet easier.” It is present on the European DVD release.
  • Episode 23 (The Job)
  1. The scene where Jan says "So long assholes!" The word "assholes" is partially bleeped.

Season 4[]

  • Episode 3 (Dundler Miffin Infinity)
  1. The scene where Michael says "I drove my car into a fucking lake." The word "fucking" is bleeped.
  • Episode 5-6 (Launch Party)
  1. The scene where Michael says "So take that, asshole!" The word "hole" is bleeped.

Season Six[]

  • Episode 8
  1. The scene that shows Michael pretending to hang himself to scare a group of children was cut.

International Censorship[]

(This censorship applies to Peacock, reruns and new DVDs/Blu-rays.)

Season Nine[]

  • Episode 9 (Dwight Christmas)
  1. Any scene that shows blackface or the characters talking about blackface was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The iTunes version is completely uncensored and the version on the NBC website is completely uncensored (when it comes to swearing). Since 2020 it is extremely hard to find Dwight Christmas uncensored it is now only possible to find it uncensored on unofficial streaming sites or older DVDs/Blu-rays.

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