The Mr. Men Show is an animated television series based from the popular children's books Mr. Men and Little Miss. It first aired on the Cartoon Network in the United States from February 4, 2008 to October 19, 2009. Episodes from the series have been subject to censorship in various countries around the world.


UK censorship[]

Season 1[]

  • Physical
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Nervous fighting a dragon to get inside a castle, but was actually playing a dragon Mini-Golf course with Miss Scary and Mr. Rude was removed.
  • Lake
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude is trying to blow up a rubber dinghy, but then he blows up like a balloon and soon comes down, and then Mr. Strong then accidentally destroys it was removed.
  • Hotel
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude goes to the Hotel's pool. Then he farts in the water and everyone leaves was removed.

Season 2[]

  • Dining Out
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude ads for his new restaurant, Chef Rude was removed.
  • Sneezes & Hiccups
    1. The scene that shows The Dillydale Glee Club with Mr. Fussy performs a concert made using sneezes and hiccups, in which Mr. Rude ends with a burp, causing the rest of the band to shout his name. Mr. Fussy thinks the show is ruined, until the audience is revealed to be Mr. Rude's family giving the performance a standing ovation. Mr. Fussy takes a bow, and the segment ends was removed.
  • Bath and Bubbles
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude is conducting a bubble burping choir and Mr. Fussy faints was removed.
  • Travel
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude does an ad for his new theme park called Rudeland was removed.

Brazilian censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Goo
    1. The scene that shows Miss Naughty gives Mr. Fussy a fountain for his best home of the year. Soon Miss Naughty switches it to Goo was removed.
  • Bath and Bubbles
    1. The scene that shows Miss Whoops shows her bubble bike on Good Morning Dillydale. Mr. Grumpy has his fishing monitor. Mr. Scatterbrain soon arrives and Mr. Grumpy ends up in a bubble was removed.

Canadian censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Sun and Moon
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Happy sings songs about the sun was removed.
  • Cinema
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Grumpy is trying to watch a film and Little Miss Chatterbox shows up and bothers him. Little Miss Helpful then shows up and claims that she is the movie theatre manager and tries to help and then Mr. Grumpy ends up having to ask Miss Chatterbox what happens in the film so she tells him was removed.
  • Clocks
    1. The scene that shows Miss Helpful makes Mr. Grumpy a new clock so he can wake up early before the fishing contest, but the clocks wakes him too early, so Mr. Grumpy gets help from Mr. Scatterbrain so he can wake him up at the right time, but he ends up waking Mr. Grumpy up too late for the Fishing contest was removed.

French Censorship[]

Season 1[]

  • Fair
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Happy announces that Mr. Quiet tries to launch Miss Daredevil out of the cannon and onto the trampoline was removed.

Irish censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Airports
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Bump hosts an episode of "How do they do it?" In this episode, Mr. Bump tells the viewers how the workers make sure the passengers get to their correct flight while Miss Helpful makes the announcement Mr. Bump gets trampled by passengers was removed.

Japanese censorship[]

Season 1[]

  • Books
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Rude gets an audiobook about being polite while having lunch with Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Strong, and Mr. Messy. In the end, it doesn't turn out well was removed.
  • Games
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Stubborn goes bowling and gets Mr. Grumpy annoyed when he doesn't play the game right was removed.

Season 2[]

  • Shoes
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Messy has lost his shoe in the woods, but a bear lurks around and he must find it before he notices the bear was removed.
  • Arts and Crafts
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small judge "The Annual Dillydale Decorate a Cow Contest". With contestants Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Whoops, Mr. Scatterbrain & Mr. Tickle. In the end, Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle won was removed.
  • Eyeglasses
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Happy gets his eyes exam, though with Mr. Stubborn as his eye doctor, he gets the wrong results was removed.

Mexican censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Driving
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Happy teaches Miss Whoops how to drive. But then Miss Whoops keeps crashing into stuff all through the driving test was removed.
  • Telephone
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Quiet finds Mr. Rude talking to Miss Chatterbox on his phone while seeing Mr. Fussy's piano concert. Mr. Quiet tries to throw out Mr. Rude's phone when Mr. Strong arrives and sees him and sends him out of the theatre. Mr. Rude's phone lands one of the piano strings with Miss Chatterbox still speaking on it. Mr. Fussy's concert is ruined once again as he runs off crying. In the end, Mr Rude creates a gas cloud causing the whole audience to shout his name and a disgusted Miss Bossy to faint was removed.

Russian censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Sneezes & Hiccups
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Stubborn developing a cold, but refuses to admit that he is sick, despite Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Lazy, and Mr. Happy (who is the doctor) trying to tell him. He sneezes down the entire building was removed.
  • Trees
    1. The scene that shows Mr. Bump takes Miss Scary with him to the rainforest to find the Tiny Orange Speckled Tree Frog. Mr. Bump got hurt when big foxing after Miss Scary scared with with a stick saying it's a stick. Miss Scary scared Mr. Bump. He then finds that the tiny orange speckled tree frog is actually the same size as Mr. Strong then it swallows him and spits him out then Mr. Bump say's "Ooo yuck ooo" was removed.


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