The Matrix is an American sci-fi action movie that was made by Warner Brothers. The movie was released in March 31, 1999. When TNT and AMC bought the rights to air the movie, some scenes were censored in order to get a TV-14 rating. As a result some language was toned down identically.


USA Censorship[]

TNT and AMC[]

  • The scene where the Police Lieutenant says "Oh shit." was changed to "Oh no."
  • The scene where Trinity says "Goddammit!" was changed to "Ah dammit!"
  • The scene where the man says "My own personal Jesus Christ." was changed to "My own personal juvenile delinquent."
  • The scene where Neo says "Jesus, I thought you were a guy." was cut.
  • The scene where Neo says "Oh shit!" was changed to "Oh shoot!"
  • The scene where Neo says "How about I give you the finger?" was changed to "How about I give you the flipper?"
  • The scene that shows Neo flipping off the agent was modified for broadcasts on TNT and AMC. In the AMC and TNT versions the camera zooms in on the Agent, as a result you can no longer see Neo's middle finger.
  • The line "Jesus Christ he's fast!" was changed to "Judas Priest he's fast!"
  • The line "Jesus Christ is that thing real?" was changed to "Jeepers Creepers is that thing real?"

Where to find it uncensored[]

The theatrical release, the DVDs and the international release are completely uncensored.