The Land Before Time is a 1988 Feature film that was created by Don Bluth. It is a major classic and the shortest feature film. However, this was not always the case. Originally the Film ran at 82 Minutes but was cut down to 79 minutes and then again to 63 minutes but then extended to 69 minutes.


International Censorship[]

Early Script[]

  • An additional scene where Littlefoot is foraging for pine cones as a baby and swallows one whole. He then spots a Dinylsia and licks it, the snake takes this as assault and chases Littlefoot as a lizard spectates. He then gets cornered by the snake but smiled because Mother is there. She grabs the snake and throws him far away. This scene took place between when Littlefoot was born and the fade to half a decade later where he eats some sticks. And while this scene was meant to be in the final draft of the film, it was cut in pre production. Meaning there wasn’t even any audio.
  • There was originally no narrator. This was added later on because the test audiences apparently couldn't understand the story, because they apparently prefer stories be told through narration despite the fact they could remove the narrator and you could still understand the movie perfectly. So pat hingle was added to voice rooter since rooter is the narrator.
  • Littlefoot was originally named Thunderfoot. But despite the cooler name, this was altered because of copyright as a children’s book had a triceratops of this name.
  • Petrie's color scheme was altered slightly.
  • An uncut version of Sharptooth's first attack. Just under a minute of footage was trimmed (56 seconds.) These following parts are cut: after sharptooths shadow peaks over the swamp, he roars and begins walking. He roars again before they both begin looking around and then he rams into the tree (this is reused animation for the climax and the tree can still be seen falling) as the kids run away. They slip and nearly get stomped by sharptooth. The run for cover in a dead tree until sharptooth tears it apart, thus exposing them. They flee when sharptooth tears the tree further trying to free his head (this can be seen in a still from one of the books). He eventually does and jumps at them. Littlefoot finds out his leg is stuck but eventually frees it and then it flies through the tunnel and straight into sharptooth's eye as blood flies everywhere. He gets out and flails in pain. (This is recycled animation from the finale which was also cut down. We will get to that later) He then tries to scratch to get the thorn out (this was in the final movie and is also recycled animation from the finale) and then once he does, he charges at the bush and blindly attacks as thunderfoot and cera flee to a different part of the field. Sharptooth calms down and searches for them. He sleuths and sniffs around like a dog but can’t find them. Thunderfoot then suggests they go down a certain path to escape, but cera, being the unlikable jerk she is, goes elsewhere. She then gets jumpscared by Sharptooth and turns around. She screams in fear Littlefoot watches this. She jumps over a log that is in there for no reason and then Sharptooth tears said log apart as Littlefoot flees too. The nearly get smashed by sharptooth's face as they then begin running away. He tries grabbing them again but a vine shaped as a chokey so he leaves. He then jumps into the air and lands in front of them (this is used 3 times in the uncut version) and misses them again. He then turns his head around as he lowers his tail. Littlefoot and Cera jump around the huge head of sharptooth but he jumps and lands again before getting his by mother in the face with her tail.
  • Sharptooth originally had plates on his back and more crocodile like skin, later on, digital censorship was used to remove the plates and edit the skin to look less croc like.
  • Littlefoot was originally an Ankylosaurus.
  • Cera was not originally supposed to exist at all and instead a male triceratops named Bambo was planned.
  • An extended fight scene between mom and sharptooth. Originally mom reacted to the death bite sharptooth gave her and when he was knocked into a cliff, she originally caused a tidal mud wave that swept the kids down the cliff and into sharptooth's foot (this can be seen in the trailer) and then run away. Then, Mom and Sharptooth square off again, their jaws bent to the earth. The kids hide in a nearby crevice but hide somewhere else as sharptooth roars and walks towards mom before getting smacked away again.
  • An additional short scene where sharptooth wakes up during the earthquake and looks around before getting surprised by a rock. He then turns to the kids and runs at them. Oddly enough, that last bit was kept.
  • An alternate version of Sharptooth falling into the Canyon. Instead of sliding and getting smack by mother causing the fall, he would have lost his footing and begin rolling in. Then Cera and Littlefoot would call for mother and would get out of the way as sharptooth continues rolling and falls in. Then sharptooth would have bumped into the kids and all 3 of them would fall in until mother saves them (except sharptooth). The shot where she grabs the kids was extended in the final release to show her smack sharptooth and along with this, this is one of the cases where the theatrical version of a scene was longer than what was planned. Storyboard can be found at Heritage Auctions.
  • When Ducky said she lost her parents in a Earthquake (she called it an Earthshake for some reason), she was making a call back to this scene where Ducky would be seen fleeing the Earthquake with her parents. This would happen right after Daddy tops roars in fear of his daughter dying in the earth quake. After that, another cut segment involved him looking at Mommy Topps (a cut character) and run next to her before it shows Ducky fleeing.
  • Afterwards, There was a scene where mother gives her son a little pep talk during a thunderstorm and afterwards she dies. 6 months before release however, it was added back in due to it causing a major plot hole. To make the scene less sad, an extra scene with rooter was added. Speaking of, it’s next.
  • In the script, it says that when Littlefoot was upset, he kicked a rock that landed on a sleeping rooter before ricocheting and landing on his foot. He yells in pain before attempting to kick it again but misses, causing him to fall. This was in the script but not in the final movie so it was removed. This part lasted 35 seconds and after this, the rest of the scene, other than rooter calling Littlefoot his real name, it its the same.
  • Not technically cut but an alleged extended version of Ducky introducing herself. This rumor is due to the tree star disappearing and reappearing occasionally. This could be why, or it could just simply be an animation mistake.
  • An Extended Discovery of Spike whereas Ducky would go to ask Littlefoot if they can bring spike with them. He replies with “sure” but Bambo (an early version of Cera) disagrees and says that if they bring him, Sharptooth will find them and kill them all. Littlefoot then tells Bambo to stop telling dumb stories as he thought he was dead. Bambo then claims he is telling the truth. Then ducky and cera would argue before Littlefoot decides to bring him by luring him with berries. This scene explains why ducky is luring spike with berries.
  • An alternate but longer green food scene. After Littlefoot yells for Ducky and Petrie to come down because they got green food, their weight would cause the branch to fall. Ducky then nuzzles Littlefoot and Spike as a thank you letter (This can be seen in the Pizza Hut commercial for the plushie toys) and then Petrie does the same thing. They then begin to Nosh away at the leaves as Thunderfoot says he is going to ask cera if she wants any (4 cels and a frame currently exist) to which she replies that she will get her own (she fails).
  • Originally this was to be a silent film.
  • A Extended Version of the dinos sleeping. Originally Cera would try to pry open a space between Littlefoot and Spike so she can sleep in between. This is one of the lesser known cut scenes as well as the Extended rooter scene. Other than this bit, the scene plays out the exact same as in the final cut.
  • There was a 4 Minute Travel Montage that took place after the Second Sharptooth attack. Each part was a minute long and included: Cera finding a huge flower field and begins eating everything in her sight. Ducky is about to eat one but cera takes it all before ducky can, Petrie hanging on to the tails of the other protagonists but accidentally letting go, cera walking in front of everyone as if she were leader, and the kids playing with a hot spring. During this scene, The Song “If we hold on Together” was to be during this scene.
  • An Additional Scene in an oasis where the gang would come across a Pachycephalosaurus and a Saurolophus named Clifford and Graynose (Both characters were cut from the film along with Dinylsia and Mommy Topps) who would not share food or water with one another. Cera then has an epiphany that they should share and offer her and the gang food and water. They disagree but Graynose lets only ducky have their water because she was the same species as him. She refused so they threatened to kill them and if they didn’t leave spikes and horns would grow on them. Thunderfoot then tells them they are gonna die as they leave (they do die). The animation for the scene was complete, but the special effects, soundtrack, and Lighting were incomplete, Explaining why no cels surfaced yet.