The Henry Stickmin Collection is an anthology game that was developed by PuffballsUnited and released by Innersloth through Steam on August 7, 2020. The anthology collects remastered versions of free-to-play Henry Stickman flash games. Due to making the move from a free indie game to a commercial product, copyrighted material had to be replaced in the game. There were also some other minor changes to the gameplay content in the remastered version.

Copyright issues[]


Henry Stickmin- All sound effects before remastered version avoiding copyright issues

  • All sound effects with copyright issues were replaced in the remastered collection.
  • In the "Stealing the Diamond" episode, the "Portal Gun" from Portal by Valve was replaced with a "Wormhole Rifle" in the remastered version to avoid copyright issues.[1]

Other changes[]

  • While using the Opacitator in the "Escaping the Prison" episode, the blood on the knife in the original version has been seen dried out or missing from the knife in the remastered version.[2]

Where to find the original[]

The original flash-based Henry Stickmin games (with copyrighted material) can still be played for free on Poki, Newgrounds, and Stickpage.


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