The Cleveland Show is an adult animated cartoon series that was produced by Fox and aired from September 27, 2009 to May 19, 2013. Due to Fox's broadcast standards strong language was bleeped out in the show. Hulu and Disney Plus uses the censored Fox airings instead of the uncensored DVDs.


USA censorship[]


Season 1[]
  • Episode 2 (Daggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance)
    1. During the story telling cutaway Clark gets asked "Do you want to tell the fucking story clark?" which was bleeped.
  • Episode 4 (Birth of a Salesman)
    1. Rallo says "Fuck dude." The word "fuck" was bleeped out.
  • Episode 5 (Cleveland Jr's Cherry Bomb)
    1. In church Cleveland gets told by Donna to Shut the fuck up, bleeped for TV and WEB.
    2. During the Cleveland rap a few things were censored here. First "A crazy Motherfucker called Cleveland." Second "This is my beave hand." Beave being censored and his hand. "Hello asshole." "I'm a Cleveland steamer, come a take a big old shit on me." were all censored.
  • Episode 7 (A Brown Thanksgiving)
    1. Rallo has all of this censored on WEB. "Ah, fuck. We lit this bag of dog shit on fire right on the bears' porch. And he's like, "Oh, I got dog shit on my fucking foot!" (Laughs) Fucking bear. Who the fuck is this?"
    2. Later in another scene when Cleveland's dad is talking to his new friend: "I don't know about all that but you can gargle my balls." Balls is censored.
  • Episode 8 (From Bed to Worse)
    1. When Cleveland takes up the trash he says "You know what? Fuck this. I'm gonna go wash my damn hands." Fuck and oddly Damn were censored.
  • Episode 9 (A Cleveland Brown Christmas)
    1. Rallo says "Dear Santa, fuck you and fuck Christmas." Both uses of the word "fuck" were bleeped out.
  • Episode 10 (Field of Streams)
    1. Cleveland says "Oh shit." In a later scene with the commentators, Gordy says "The Growlers should retire that jersey again. Retire it to the shit can." After that he then says "Brown Number Nine sucks shit."
  • Episode 11 (Love Rollercoaster)
    1. At the bar Lester says "Fucking thing." Alda as Cleveland says "Go fuck yourself."
  • Episode 12 (Our Gang)
    1. When Cleveland bursts in he says "Good evening motherfuckers." After being asked who the hell he is he answers "Cleveland mother fucking brown mother fucker."
  • Episode 13 (Buried Pleasure)
    1. Tim gets told to shut the fuck up by Cleveland in the bar.
  • Episode 14 (The Curious Case of Jr Working at the Stool)
    1. Donna tells Roberta that "We take all kinds of shit from men but never from another woman."
    2. After getting fired from his job Cleveland Jr is throwing darts at his dad. "I'm gonna get even with that candy-ass, son-of-a-motherfucking bitch!"
  • Epsiode 15 (Once Upon a Tyne in New York)
    1. Cleveland Jr says "I'm just a sone cold fucking machine." Rallo says "Oh fuck." right at the end of the episode.
  • Episode 16 (The Brown Knight)
    1. During the ad Kim Kardashian says "There's two things I know: fucking and jeans and these are some great fucking jeans."
  • Episode 17 (Gone With the Wind)
    1. Cleveland calls Quagmire a one-note fuck.
  • Episode 18 (Brotherly Love)
    1. During the rap with Kenny West, Cleveland Jr starts his rap with "Someone should of told you not to fuck with me." He also gives the middle finger. Censored on WEB after saying "On the DVD this wasn't pixelated."
Season 2[]
  • Episode 1 (Harder, Better Faster, Browner)
    1. Kenny West asks Cleveland "What the fuck were you thinking?"
  • Episode 9 (Beer Walk!)
    1. Donna says "Wait, what the fuck am I doing!?" The word "fuck" was bleeped out.
  • Episode 11 (How DO You Solve a Problem Like Roberta)
    1. Roberta says "Fuck you." to Cleveland.
  • Episode 15 (The Blue and the Grey and the Brown)
    1. In court the mayor says "I'm pleased to see such a big fucking turnout." "Mr Brown get your fucking ass up here." "Fuck it. The drive-in stays."
    2. Later in the park "Is he really gonna stay chained to that bullshit?" when Cleveland chained himself up against the great giggum's statue.
    3. "By decree of the mayor of Stoolbend, the park stays the fuck here."
  • Episode 16 (The Way the Cookie Crumbles)
    1. Rallo says "The fuck is that? Shit, I'm dying in this fucking country-ass fucked-up town." The words "shit," "fucking" and "fucked" were bleeped out.
    2. The scene where Rallo says "Fuck!" was bleeped out.
    3. Rallo says "The fuck is that? Shit. I'm dying in this fucking country ass fucked-up town. Shit flying in my mouth. What the fuck? Can't see. Pollen. Get the fuck out of this country, motherfucker." The words "fuck" and "shit" were bleeped out as well as motherfucker.
  • Episode 19 (Ship'rect)
    1. Tim gets told to shut the fuck up by Cleveland.
  • Episode 20 (Back to Cool)
    1. "Who the fuck is Michael Buble?" Robert asks.
  • Episode 21 (Your Show of Shows)
    1. The rap is censored for both WEB and DVD.
    2. The line "As we fuck in the pale moonlight." The word "fuck" was bleeped out.
Season 3[]
  • Episode 2 (The Hurricane!)
    1. Larry Box says "This hurricane is pretty fucking serious. It's a category four or some shit. So if you didn't evacuate when we fucking told you to then stay inside until the (shit) passes or you'll probably fucking die." It's censored on both DVD and WEB.
  • Episode 3 (A Nightmare on Grace Street)
    1. Cleveland screams and then says "Holy shit." Shit is censored with a cat meow.
  • Episode 6 (Sex and the Biddy)
    1. Rallo says "What am I? Fucking Scooby Doo?"
  • Episode 7 (Die Semi-Hard)
    1. Scooby Dooby Doo, motherfucker is censored on WEB for both instances.
  • Episode 8 (Y TU Junior Tambien)
    1. Cleveland Jr's explanation is censored for both DVD and WEB.
  • Episode 12 ('Til Deaf)
    1. During the song the "Fuck you" is censored along with shit.
  • Episode 14 (March Dadness)
    1. During the game show Dared Squared, the host yells at Cleveland "It's right fucking there!" when he tries to find the flag in the pancake.
  • Episode 15 (The Men in Me)
    1. Rallo asks "What the fuck's going on here."
  • Episode 16 (Frapp Attack)
    1. Donna says "Now it's important you learn the distinction and country-ass bullshit."
  • Episode 17 (American Prankster)
    1. Donna tells the judge: "Your Honor, at the risk of sounding disrespectful, may I say that you're a moron and your verdict is bullshit?"
  • Episode 18 (B.M.O.C.)
    1. Cleveland is told to go fuck himself by Roberta. It is censored on DVD and WEB.
  • Episode 19 (Jesus Walks)
    1. Cleveland Jr says "Is he fucking kidding with this." Donna says in reply "Don't say fuck in church."
  • Episode 20 (Flush of Genius)
    1. Cleveland says "Tanks for nothing you pieces of shit."
  • Episode 21 (Mama Drama)
    1. When Rallo turns in his badge and gun Cleveland says "Holy shit, it's real!" In another scene he says "I'm going to need at least five shitty commercials to take this all in."
Season 4[]
  • Episode 1 (Escape From Goochland)
    1. Cleveland says "Smurf my dick. Let's get the fuck out of smurf, buttsmurfers." Dick was censored for some reason, along with fuck.
  • Episode 2 (Menace II Secret Society)
    1. "Illuminati starts the shit that then becomes cool." during the first song.
    2. "He's right. He ain't shit." said by Rallo.
    3. "No I don't need a fucking fiddle." said by Kenny West during a song with Cleveland Jr.
  • Episode 3 (General Thanksgiving Episode)
    1. While Rallo was watching Mystery Science Magic Johnson Theater 3000 "The flying saucer just crashed and shit, son!"
    2. When Cleveland was in a plane and wanted to land he says "Fuck."
  • Episode 4 (Turkey Pot Die)
    1. Cleveland Jr puts his hand around his mouth after Cleveland yells out freedom and says "Shut the fuck up, man!" when they were trying to resuce a turkey.
    2. During the mayor's speech "Every year we have this shitty tradition to pardon a fucking turkey. This year, I'm pardoning these 27 dickheads for saving this little fucker's life."
  • Episode 6 ('Tis the Cleveland to Be Sorry)
    1. After being told he won't be getting a Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster but a wooden tennis racket by Santa he yells "Well fuck you!"
  • Episode 8 (The Wide World of The Cleveland Show)
    1. "What? Get the fuck outta here!" Rallo says after Cleveland calls him to the table to be crime boss.
  • Episode 14 (The Hangover Part Tubbs)
    1. "Holy fucking shit!" Lester says after the explosion.
  • Episode 15 (California Dreamin' (All the Cleves Are Brown))
    1. "Stir that shit up, baby." Donna says after dropping Roberta to her new school after worked out her role.
    2. "Don't make me look like an asshole." Cleveland says.
    3. "I don't know how they ran things down at but that shit don't fly here. I'm Old Mac-fucking-Donna!" said when she is given the wrong drink.
  • Episode 16 (Who Done It!)
    1. When Cleveland tries to call the police, Donna stops him and says "You ain't calling shit." Censored for both WEB and DVD strangely.
  • Episode 17 (Fist and the Furious)
    1. "And by that, I mean get the fuck out of here!" Rallo says to Choni their competitor.
    2. "Holy shit." One of the gangsters says after Cleveland shoots Dr. Fist.
  • Episode 18 (Squirt's Honor)
    1. "I bet Nell Carter didn't have to do this shit." Donna says as she cleans the sink.
    2. "Holy fuck man!" Rallo says.
  • Episode 21 (Mr. & Mrs. Brow)
    1. To get time out alongside Cleveland Jr Rallo says off color-terms for a woman's privates. These were all censored on WEB and DVD.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The DVDs have it uncensored are can be found on Amazon. Season 1 and 2 have a group box set and individual. Those were the only official DVDs released by FOX as seasons 3 and 4 were MOD DVDs. Season 3 was released with stereo instead of surround sadly. All 4 seasons are uncensored bar a few episodes for some reason. No Blu-ray exists.

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