The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee (昆虫物語 みなしごハッチ, Konchū Monogatari: Minashigo Hatchi, lit. A Bug's Tale: Hutch the Orphan) is an anime series produced by Tatsunoko Productions. The series features the adventures of a young bee named Hutch : the son of a Queen bee, Hutch is separated from his mother when his native beehive is destroyed by an attack of wasps. The series follows Hutch as he searches for his missing mother, in the midst of a frequently hostile nature.

A sequel, The New Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee, and numbering 26 episodes, was produced in 1974. The original series was remade in 1989 under the same Japanese title, Minashigo Hutch.

The original show (1971) is notable for its frequently sad and cruel scripts. In many episodes, Hutch would befriend another insect, only to see his new friend die a violent and painful death. In one, he befriended a female honey bee who lost her brothers and sisters to a hornet army. The 1989 remake, however, featured completely new episodes and a much more light-hearted story. On July 31, 2010, a movie which was a remake of show was released in Japan titled Hutch the Honeybee.

USA Censorship[]

After being broadcast in several European countries, the show was re-edited and translated into English in 1996 by Saban Entertainment, with 65 out of 91 episodes being dubbed. Saban's edits cut out some of the show's violent material.