Street Fighter V is a Japanese fighting game that was developed by Capcom, and was published Capcom. The game was released on February 16, 2016. Due to a number of SJWs criticizing the game's portrayal of females, Capcom toned down the game's sexuality, which affects all regions.


International Censorship[]

  • Female character outfits originally showed the outline of their nipples, this feature was removed in the 1.04 update.
  • The scene that shows Rainbow Mika's butt slap was modified for the international release. In the International version the camera zooms in on Rainbow Mika, as a result you can no longer see her slapping her butt.
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition adds further censorship. The classic design costume was censored the cleavage window was covered up along with her legs/thighs being covered up.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no completely uncensored version.