Steven Universe: The Movie is an animated musical television movie based on the Steven Universe cartoon. It was directed by Rebecca Sugar and released on September 2, 2019.


Latin America Censorship[]

Cartoon Network Latin America[]

  • The line "You know, this is pretty twisted, but I'm a little flattered that you liked the old me...innocent, loving, stupid." it was changed to "You know, it's a bit perverse but also flattering that you liked the old me...innocent, loving, silly."
  • The line "You can't just make everything better by singing some stupid song." was changed to "You can't make everything sound better by singing a simple little song."

Southeast Asia Censorship[]

Cartoon Network Southeast Asia[]

  • The Isn't it love song was shortened.
  • The scene where Amethyst says "The love of her life." was cut.

UK Censorship[]

  • The scene where Greg says "Holy s-s-she really got everybody!" it was changed to "Holy... she really got everybody!"

Where to find it uncensored[]

It is uncensored in every other region. It is also available uncensored on HBO Max.