Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 (called Ceylon from 1948 to 1972) is a South Asian country. Its primary religion is Buddhism, with minorities practicing Hinduism (as Tamils), Islam (Sri Lankan Moors) and Christianity (Burghers).

General censorship[]

Sri Lanka maintains a Tamil minority. However, it has been threatened by Sinhalese Buddhist nationalists since independence.

Book censorship[]

  • The Satanic Verses - this Salman Rushdie novel was banned for blasphemy against Islam.

Film censorship[]

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom - banned due to graphic violence and nudity.
  • Aksharaya - this film was banned due to dealing with themes such as incest, murder and rape
  • The Da Vinci Code - this film was banned for religiously-sensitive themes.
  • Carnal Monsters - this film was banned for graphic violence and nudity.
  • Necro Lesbians (Nekrology) - this film was banned for dealing with issues such as necrophilia and rape.

Internet censorship[]

In Sri Lanka, censorship is conducted under a variety of laws, judicial processes, regulations and other. It is achieved by blocking access to sites as well as the use of laws that criminalise publication or possession of certain types of material. Most of censorship in Sri Lanka is based on anti-Insurgency.

  • tamilnet.com - this website known for producing news about the Sri Lankan civil war was blocked due to its focus in the north and east of the country, as well for being pro-LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the terrorist group also known as the Tamil Tigers), as promoting the LTTE is punishable act in Sri Lanka
  • lankanewsweb.com
  • tamilnation.com
  • Many pornography sites
  • Many sites promoting terrorism - the block was enacted in 2016 under the pretense of "protecting women and children", but it was lifted in 2017.
  • Facebook and Viber were blocked in 2019 to resist the Anti-Muslim riots
  • www.lankaenews.com, srilankamirror.com, srilankaguardian.com, paparacigossip9.com, and www.lankawaynews.com - these five sites which published material which criticised the malfeasance of politicians and the corruption in the government were blocked by the Sri Lankan Telecommunication Regulatory Commission in 2011 as government alleges the sites published reports amounting to "character assassination and violating individual privacy", as well as damaging the character of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, ministers and senior government officials.

Television censorship[]

  • South Park was banned in Sri Lanka due to its depiction of Buddha as cocaine addict.

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