Spider-Man 2 is an American superhero action movie directed by Sam Raimi and was distributed by Columbia Pictures Home Video in the United States and Columbia Tristar for the European version. When it was brought to the United Kingdom, the BBFC censored the movie for the UK release. Spider-Man 2 was released on June 30, 2004. (This version was distributed by Columbia Tristar for the European version.)

A extended cut version was released in 2007, and it features a deleted scene which shows a 1 second shot of a man getting electrocuted by the lamp, which was removed from the original release.


International censorship[]

  • A red cross in the hospital (shown in the original theatrical version) was replaced by a white cross when aired on TV and on DVDs.

Theatrical release[]

  • The scene that shows the man getting electrocuted by the lamp was kept, but the last second of the shot was cut out.

Cutting Edge- Episode 44 - The 12A Rating & Spider-Man

UK and Australian censorship[]

  • The scene where Spider-Man headbutts Dr. Octopus was modified to achieve a 12A rating for the UK release. In the UK version, Spider-Man is instead seen punching Dr. Octopus in the face. This censorship also applies to Australia and all of Europe for DVD releases.[1]

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original theatrical version is mostly uncensored. The extended cut on Blu-ray is completely uncensored.


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