Sonic Adventure 2 is a platforming video game that was developed by Team Sonic and published by Sega. The video game was first released in Japan for the Dreamcast on June 23, 2001. A pre-release demo version of this game, titled Sonic Adventure 2: The Trial, contained a mild swear word which was removed when the final version was released.


International censorship[]

City Escape[]

  • In the trial version of the game, when Sonic is escaping, we hear one of the helicopter pilots saying the line: "What the hell!" In the full version of the game, this line was changed to "What!"
  • In the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle port for the GameCube, the option screen for Rouge the Bat is less suggestive with it no longer showing her cleavage.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The trial version is uncensored and the Dreamcast version is slightly less censored.


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