Skullgirls is a fighting video game that was developed by Reverge Labs and published by Autumn Games. The video game was released on July 7, 2015




Skullgirls Encore Censorship - Censored Gaming Ft. SharkyHatGamer

  • The one of animations of Filia and Cerebella, whom their panty shots were altered.
  • Valentine's upper outfit altered and her red cross shurikens are changed into pink.
  • The character named Juju was removed from the game's canon, due the fan breaking a signed non-disclosure agreement. Parasoul's super (Silent Scope)'s line "Take a shot, Juju!" was changed as "Take a shot!" and "Ready, Number 13!".

2nd Encore[]


Skullgirls censorship update (PART 1-2) - June 26th 2023


Part 2- Skullgirls censorship update June 26th 2023

  • Animations showing panties were removed. (censored everywhere except PS3 and Xbox 360)
  • Some animations that were planned to be in the game were cut due to being considered too sexual.
  • Certain story illustrations were altered to remove panty shots, sexual and BDSM suggestive images and Big Band's story got altered for showing black man beating up by the police.
  • Red Armbands in the Black Egrets uniform were removed (Nazi reference).
  • Soviet Announcer voice pack removed. Later replaced with a different voice actor.
  • Some voice lines removed.
  • Illustrations in the Digital Art Compendium (Digital Art Book) were censored in the same way.
  • Valentine's cross shurikens were altered as normal shurikens.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Despite having a few censors from the older ports, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are the least censored version, but these versions are no longer available. All removed/altered images are viewable on the Skullgirls wiki.


How to Roll Back the Skullgirls Censorship Patch

There's a video where how to revert the further censorship patch on the PC port.