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Sausage Party is an adult computer-animated comedy film directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. It was released on August 12, 2016 in theaters from Sony Pictures. The theatrical release in the United States had been censored to reduce the MPAA rating from NC-17 to R. It is the first R-rated CGI animated film.


Singapore censorship[]

The phrases "Jesus f**k" and "Jesus f**king Christ" were censored by the Board of Film Censors (BFC) in order to be theatrically released in Singapore with a R21 rating.[1]

USA censorship[]

Theatrical censorship[]

To avoid receiving an NC-17 rating, scenes involving a "hairy nutsack" were censored.[2]

FX censorship[]

The television version that premiered on August 23, 2018 on FX had been subject to further censorship.

The TV-14 version also aired on some channels like FXX, Comedy Central, TBS, etc.

NOTE: The censored parts of the quotes are in bold.

Censored quote Quote rating First appearance
Frank: "Oh, crap!" PG-13 TV-14 version
Carl: "Oh no! Frank! We can't miss the song!" G TV-14 version
Barry: "God, I love them so much!"
Frank: "Oh, snap! Oh, snap! Corn's about to start singing!"
G TV-14 version
Honey Mustard: "Oh my god, I've been chosen!" PG TV-14 version
Sausages: "In other words, we finally get to bang!"
Buns: "And love!"
Sausages: "And bang!"
Buns: "And hug!"
Sausages: "And bang!"
Buns: "And feel!"
Sausages: "And bang!"
Buns: "And share!"
PG TV-MA version
Honey Mustard: "I'm going to the Great Beyond! Boo-rah!" G TV-MA version
Frank: "Boo and yah, my brothers!" G TV-MA version
Frank: "Ignore that prick, Barry. He's full of crap." PG TV-14 version
Frank: "Crap, it's the Dark Lord!" PG TV-14 version
Darren: "Bye-bye, sausages!" G TV-MA version
Darren: "Man, I hate this job!" G TV-MA version
Frank: "That's super messed up about Bill and those guys." G TV-MA version
Carl: "Hey dude, I don't know how to say this to you gently, but your girlfriend, um... she's an idiot, bro."
Frank: "Shut up! She's fresh as hell, and you know it."
PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Sorry about those guys. Such stupid jerks, right?"
Carl: "Uh, I can hear you dude!"
Frank: "Shut up, screw you!"
PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Oh, my freakin' freak." G TV-MA version
Cashier: "Great, whatever." G TV-MA version
Honey Mustard: "I'll tell you what freakin' happened!" PG TV-MA version
Honey Mustard: "I'll tell you exactly what happened in the Great Beyond, you dumb red piece of crap!" PG TV-14 version
Frank: "We freaking got one!" PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Hell yeah, Yeah!" PG TV-MA version
Douche: "Aw, Hell yeah, dude!" PG TV-MA version
Douche: "Oh, snap! Chips!" G TV-14 version
Douche: "I will tell you very much that you look freakin' disgusting, bro." PG TV-MA version
Douche: "I'm messing with you, but also serious." G TV-MA version
Douche: "What do you mean, what am I, dude? I'm a freakin' douche! You know how long I've been waiting up in this freakin' market?" PG TV-MA version
Honey Mustard: "They're lying to your faces! The Great Beyond is bogus!" G TV-14 version
Brenda: "Carl, we shouldn't even be talking to this weirdo." G TV-14 version
Honey Mustard: "I've been there. I've seen that stuff, and there ain't no way I'm going back." G TV-14 version
Honey Mustard: "'Great' my butthole! It's all a lie, everything you've been told, everything you believe in!" PG TV-14 version
Honey Mustard: "SCREW YOU, GODS!!!" (lifts up his middle fingers) PG-13 TV-MA version
Barry: "Oh, no! Frank! Frank, Frank, Frank! No, Frank." G TV-MA version
Douche: "My nozz! My poor freaking nozz!" PG TV-MA version
Douche: "Are you two responsible for my nozzle being irrepressibly messed up?" G TV-MA version
Douche: "You think I give a crap about PB or J? Forget this! I'm gonna kick your ass!" PG-13 TV-MA version
Lavash: "It was you! You fat ugly bagel moron!" PG TV-MA version
Lavash: "And now you and your stupid, useless bun have screwed us all!"
Brenda: "Hey, who you calling useless, you flappy flap?"
PG TV-MA version
Sammy: "I'm happy to meet all of you, except for this savage animal over here." G TV-14 version
Lavash: "Oh, wow. Really? Well, forget all of you! I am Kareem Abdul Lavash! And what I currently care about is that I have been... completely and utterly screwed out of being in the Great Beyond." PG TV-MA version
Douche: "No disrespect, but you look disgusting, bro. Look at you. Freakin' bent-ass, busted-ass nozz." PG TV-MA version
Douche: "Where's that freakin' sausage? 'Cause this douche is DTSSU -- Down to Smack a Sausage Up!" PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Holy poop..." PG TV-14 version
Frank: "Holy poop, look at this place." PG TV-14 version
Frank: "It's freaking crazy!" PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Look at that!" G TV-14 version
Frank: "Honey Mustard said that the Great Beyond is bogus and the gods are monsters." G TV-14 version
Mr. Grits: "Damn! This one knows too much! We get off his ass!" PG-13 TV-14 version
Mr. Grits: "Pass the weed, Twink." PG-13 TV-MA version
Firewater: "Good stuff. Clean high." G TV-14 version
Tequila: "All right. I got them right here, amigo. AAAAH!" G TV-14 version
Douche: "So you drag me over to this freakin' aisle with all these illegal products, and now I don't see them, so where the hell are they? Spill the beans!" PG TV-MA version
Douche: "What part of 'I want the sausage and the bun dead, and if you see them, come and get me, and if I find out that you didn't come and get me or just couldn't find them good enough, I'll freaking kill your asses' did you not understand, Tequila?" PG-13 TV-MA version
Douche: "I'm not gonna do something messed up to you now as soon as I get you in close. Come here!" G TV-MA version
Salsa: "No way, José!"
Douche: "Yes way! José's freakin' dead, yo!"
PG TV-MA version
Teresa Taco: "Oh, no!" G TV-14 version
Firewater: "It's good stuff, isn't it?" G TV-14 version
Frank: "You guys are really nuts." G TV-MA version
Frank: "How much of that stuff have you been smoking?" G TV-14 version
Frank: "Too freaking much is how much." PG TV-MA version
Firewater: "We blaze for real, 24/7. No joke. But we also... know our stuff." G TV-14 version
Firewater: "They would go out those doors happy instead of crapping themselves." PG TV-14 version
Firewater: "Like bang-a-guy baked." PG-13 TV-MA version
Firewater: "Over the years, things started to get a little funky." G TV-MA version
Firewater: "Messing with Twink's tight-ass lyrics..." PG TV-MA version
Firewater: "...remixing my stuff without my permish." G TV-14 version
Firewater: "I didn't write that crap. I love juice!" PG TV-14 version
Twink: "Once you see that stuff..." G TV-14 version
Twink: "...It'll mess you up for life." G TV-MA version
Carl: "We're actually here! Come on, Barry, you're missing it, man! Dude, get on the fiesta!" G TV-14 version
Potato: "Oh! God, me skin! She's peelin' me skin!"
Carl: "...the---WHAT?!"
G TV-MA version
Douche: "Okay, so..."
Queso: "Did someone say Queso?"
Douche: "A freaking stretch and you know it, Queso!"
PG TV-MA version
Douche: "Oh... that hurts so MUCH!" G TV-MA version
Douche: "Damn! Stuck! You gotta be kidding me, dude!" PG TV-MA version
Taco: "Adios, El Douche." G TV-MA version
Barry: "I screwed over Frank." PG TV-MA version
Frank: "All right, look, I found out some pretty major stuff." G TV-14 version
Frank: "Better than believing a bunch of BOGUS stuff that you can't explain!" G TV-14 version
Druggie: "Oh, no! I've eaten so many of your family members!" G TV-MA version
Sandwich: "Same here!"
Pop Tart: "Yeah!"
Toilet Paper: "And when he stops using us!"
Potato Chips: "What did he do to you?"
Toilet Paper: "You don't wanna know..."
G TV-14 version
Brenda: "Later, you flappy flap." G TV-MA version
Barry: "Shoot." G TV-14 version
Gum: "We are totally screwed." PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Aaah!" G TV-MA version
Frank: "The Great Beyond is bogus." G TV-14 version
Frank: "Open your freaking eyes! Don't be so weak!" PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Don't you dare shucking do it, corn!" G TV-MA version
Frank: "Don't. You. Shucking. Do it." G TV-MA version
Brenda: "Oh, gross..." G TV-MA version
Frank: "No! Where is she? Gone!" G TV-14 version
Frank: "Oh, gross! What the Blegh?!" G TV-MA version
Barry: "I know. Look at this freaking guy. *imitating Druggie* I'm a stupid idiot. I'm dead now. I've been on a bad path for years. Let me tell you the story of my stupid death." PG TV-MA version
Barry: "Get the hell away from me." PG TV-MA version
Frank: "Those bastards..." PG-13 TV-MA version
Barry: "You just called them all a bunch of freaking idiots." PG TV-MA version
Frank: "How the butt are we supposed to give them that?" G TV-MA version
Barry: "He's gonna help us get the upper hand on these bastards." PG-13 TV-MA version
Frank: "Oh, no. Brenda!" G TV-14 version
Frank: "No-no-no-no-no, We need to hurry!" G TV-MA version
Darren: "What the hell?" PG TV-MA version
Darren: "All right, who did it? Gary, did you just throw this toothpick at me, man?" G TV-14 version
Lavash: "You mess with them..."
Sammy: "You mess with us, bitch!"
PG-13 TV-MA version
Gum: "Kiss my pink ass." PG-13 TV-14 version
Douche: "Not exactly what I was looking for, but screw it, you know." PG TV-MA version
Douche: "OOOH!" G TV-MA version
Lavash: "So, at the very least... I'm taking your--"
Sammy: "Kiss me hard on the mouth, why don't ya?"
PG TV-14 version
Lavash: "I've got nothing left." G TV-MA version
Firewater: "The world is a total illusion, bro." G TV-MA version
Firewater: "Hell yeah, he did." PG TV-MA version
Firewater: "I mean, like, bang-a-guy smart." PG-13 TV-MA version

Where to find it uncensored[]

A Blu-ray Adults Only cut is available uncensored.


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