Samurai Pizza Cats is the name that the Japanese anime Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ, literally "Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee", or "Legendary Ninja Cats" according to the Crunchyroll release) received when it was adapted for release in the United States. Other content in the series was changed, some of which can be considered censorship.


When Saban licensed the English version, Samurai Pizza Cats, proper translated scripts of and information about the original Japanese episodes were either of poor quality or non-existent (as referenced in the "As soon someone finds the script, we might begin the show" line present in the theme song). It was decided to write completely original dialogue for the English dub, playing the show as a wacky, Animaniacs-esque comedy in contrast to the less farcical original. Every episode, excluding the two clip shows, was dubbed into English. Some episodes of the dubbed version were never aired on television in the United States due to risque humor and depictions of homosexuality.

English adaptation[]

In one episode, the three main characters visit the team who form the American division of that group. They each had their own theme, The Sundance Kid had a cowboy theme (or a kid playing cowboy because he wears a mix of helmet and cap). The scene of him using the pistols was cut, although in the last scene the pistol didn't seem to fire bullets but energy. A recurring joke in the anime, it was a character who was flirted by the two boys on the team, it turns out that as all the characters in the cartoon are robots with animal characteristics, she had a defense system. The system was hidden missiles in her that were fired and the trigger was her emotional state, usually when the two boys fight for her this happens. The version of this episode that aired in America had the following characteristic, the characters kept finding someone who looked like one of the characters they know in Japan. Including a girl like this, the difference is that the hidden weapon is a machine gun, the scene of machine gun was censored in the American version, it looked like the machine gun had just popped out of nowhere and its effect wasn't shown right.

In another episode, it was discovered that Polly's flute is magic. The object is stolen, and one of Big Cheese's henchmen uses the power of this flute against the characters. The flute is "magic meets technology" because it first uses it to make a bazooka appear and attacks heroes with it, then uses it to make a machine gun appear and attacks characters with it. The machine gun scene was cut, but the weapon appeared in the scene where the heroes manage to destroy his weapons.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original Japanese version is uncensored.

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