Robocop - Comparison between Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut

RoboCop is an American science fiction action film that was directed by Paul Verhoeven and released by Orion Pictures on July 17, 1987. The film had to be censored to avoid receiving an X rating from the MPAA in the United States.


According to director Paul Verhoeven, the film had to be edited and submitted to the MPAA eight times before a less-restrictive R rating was achieved.[1]

In Australia, 9GO! aired RoboCop on their own channel and edited it to secure an MA 15+ classification to avoid an R 18+ classification in Australia. Since R 18+ classified content cannot be shown on free-to-air TV at all in Australia, some graphic violence was edited.

  • A dead person with blood on his stomach was removed.
  • A man getting his hand cut of was removed.
  • A man getting his arm cut of was removed.
  • A man's shot head was removed.
  • A man getting exploded was removed.
  • Blood on a robot was removed.

The theatrical release in Australia was an M-rated censored version of the US R-rated cut which lacked the bloodier moments.

The Swedish theatrical version was heavily cut for violence; 13 cuts were made. Most scenes involving shooting have been shortened or cut out, including the "death" shooting of Murphy by the gang, the shootout at the drug factory and the ED-209 killing a OCP employee. In addition, several scenes have been omitted. The gang member who gets thrown out of the van, Emils' disintegration and death.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The uncensored director's cut was first released on LaserDisc and was also made available on DVD and Blu-ray home video.


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