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Roblox is a children’s game platform that was launched on September 1, 2006 and is still one of the most popular games ever around the world. It was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel.


Roblox is banned in Jordan due to offensive language and violence.

Roblox (along with many other websites) was banned in the United Arab Emirates in May 2018 in the order of Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the Attorney General of the United Arab Emirates. This is due to players being able to display or wear inappropriate (i.e. suggestive) avatars or communicate with obscenity. However in 2021, the ban was lifted. Gulf News reached out to UAE's Telecom and Regulatory Authority (TRA), and a spokesperson for the authority confirmed that the platform is not banned in the UAE as of now. Based on our check, Roblox is available to download through iOS App Store and Android Play Store on UAE devices.


Below is a list of experiences that have been modified or restricted for users in other countries.

Adopt Me[]

Adopt Me is sunsetted in Belgium and the Netherlands due to anti-gambling laws and loot boxes. There are eggs in-game which can be hatched as pets.


Similar to Adopt Me, Arsenal is also sunsetted in Belgium and the Netherlands. The game features loot boxes which can be used to unlock weapons, emotes, etc.

Funky Friday and other games based on Friday Night Funkin'[]

  • Copyright
    • Kaio-Ken is called Kakyoin.
    • Super Saiyan is called Super Swag.
    • The icon is Lullaby Girlfriend instead of Hypno.
    • The Abandoned Center map in the building is Cirno instead of the Pokeball.
    • Wednesday's Disloyalty has the icon Boyfriend instead of Mickey Mouse.
    • Eteled's background map is renamed for Mimi Channel to Eteled's Channel.
    • VS Flippy and VS Flippy: Flipped Out's mod icon is a green teddy bear instead of Flippy himself.
    • Happy Tree Land is called Happy.
    • Sonic.exe's animation is named EXE and the tab is named VS .EXE.
    • The icon only shows's Sonic.exe's eyes instead of himself for disturbing reasons.
    • Roblox Goku's tab is named Roblox Saiyan.
    • Below The Depth's icon is a spiked metal ball instead of Sonic.exe.
    • Mario's Madness icon is a toilet with a plunger instead of one of the characters.
    • Kids Bop is called Kidz.
  • Community Standards.
    • Genocide is called Song #3.
      • Orenji's Genocide remix is called VS Tabi.
    • Satin Panties and its variants are called Satin Pants.
    • M.I.L.F. and it’s variants are called Mother.
    • The Casette Girl's animation poses has the player wield a lollipop instead of cigarette.
    • The Sanic animation's up pose has the user wield a flower instead of a marijuana leaf.
    • No Cigar is simply called No in FNF Soft.
    • Blueballed is simply called Blue in Pibby Corrupted.
    • The Demon Tricky and Tricky Phase 5 animations left poses have him pointing at the opponent instead of putting up the middle finger.
      • This concludes with Selever, Aduitor, Flippy, and Fleetway Super Sonic.
    • Succ is called Slurp.
    • The stick on the .EXE's hill doesn’t show Tails' head on it (avoiding body horror).
      • The .EXE's hill is empty except the stick with same reasons above.
    • Sussy Pussy is called Sussy in Hotline 024.
    • VS Assbeater is called VS Bum Kicker.
      • Also, Ass is called Bum.
    • Romance and Sex Ban.
      • The Parents animation doesn’t have the Daddy Dearest player hold the Mommy Mearest player.
      • My Dear Love is called My Dear.

Doodle World[]

The roulette is disabled in South Korea, Belgium, and The Netherlands because of gambling laws in those countries. Trying to tap on this mechanic in those countries will pop up a message "Your country does not allow you to use this feature," which makes it impossible to get doodles that are currently only obtained through roulette unless trade.

Other experiences[]

Experiences in which the user can spend Robux for random in-game items, thus making them like lootboxes, are unavailable to Roblox users in Belgium and the Netherlands due to gambling laws in those countries.

Experiences with an age rating of 17+ are unavailable to residents of South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.[1]

Brick Bronze, an unauthorized fan game that resembles the gameplay of Pokémon series games, was removed from Roblox in April 2018 for copyright infringement. It has been constantly recreated and then taken down.

Where to find Roblox and its experiences uncensored[]

While Roblox was not accessible within the UAE by normal means, it could be circumvented through the use of a VPN, but VPN use is restricted in the United Arab Emirates.

Adopt Me is playable anywhere in other countries.

Other countries keeps the roulette abled in Doodle World.

There is no uncensored version for Funky Friday for copyright reasons.

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