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A permanent distributed denial-of-service attack (perma-DDoS) is a covert method of internet censorship that is employed by the United States National Security Agency, via their DDoSing system code-named QUANTUM, and probably by other governmental actors. The method consists of using a very large number of virus-hijacked computers to overwhelm a website with page-retrieval requests that are invisible to the users of the infected computers, so that the site cannot be accessed by people who actually intend to look at or use the website. Perma-DDoSing is typically used for the purpose of censoring information, though it can be used for other purposes as well.

In the single most major case of perma-DDoSing, in the year 2020, the NSA used QUANTUM to start perma-DDoSing four major websites- 0catch.com, upload.run, referata.com, and the webmail website "secmail", because all of those sites were used to make public the same information. Namely, that information is the document called "Critical Facts That Every Person Should Know", filenamed "critical_facts.html". That document contains leaked information about the NSA's manipulative internet activities, among various other subjects. The irony is that by perma-DDoSing those websites, the NSA has provided plenty of new damning material for that document.


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