Nepal 🇳🇵 is an Asian country which practices Hinduism and Buddhism.

Until 2008, it was a monarchy. Presently, it is a federal republic.

General censorship[]

Book censorship[]

  • The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie was banned for blasphemy against Islam.
  • A Modern Approach to Social Studies - This schoolbook was banned in 2010 for blasphemy against Islam.
  • Self Study Material on Nepal's Territory and Border - this map book by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was banned for irredentism regarding the country's neighbours.

Film censorship[]

  • Strange World - This film was not submitted by Disney to local authorities and its theatrical release was skipped in the country, tantamounting to a ban, due to the subplot regarding Ethan and Daizo's homosexual relationship in the film.

Internet censorship[]

The government controls the Internet in Nepal. The international Internet connections were cut off by the government due to the martial law declared by the King in 2005.

  • On 14 November 2023, TikTok is banned in Nepal[1], with the officials citing its disruption of social structures within the country.

Television censorship[]

Video game censorship[]

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - this battle royale game used to be banned because of delinquency issues involving youths, stating that it was harmful for children and teenagers[2]. Later, the ban has been lifted by the Supreme Court, stating that such a ban that interferred with personal freedoms without demonstrating its necessity could not be enforced by the government.[3]


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