NARC is a run and gun video game that was developed by Williams Electronics, Rare (NES) and it was published by WMS Industries. The video game was released on 1988. Due to Nintendo's policies at the time the game was censored worldwide.


International Censorship[]

  • The people in the drug lab no longer are smoking. And the Chemist and junkie and are longer described in detail.
  • Blood and gore was removed.
  • Enemies who surrender can no longer be killed.
  • AK was renamed KWAK.
  • The "No Smoking" messages in the backgrounds was removed.
  • The cannabis greenhouse now looks more like the OBI plant center.
  • The store "Video Void" no longer advertises it as "All Nude" and the poster advertising a title called "Hole in Juan" was removed.
  • Kinky Pinky's cinema no longer has words like HOT SEX and naked woman on the neon sign. The ADULT BOOKS XXX sign was also removed.
  • The scantily clad lady who is next to the clown in the Kinky Pinky's cinema now walks around to make it so she doesn't look like a prostitute.
  • You can no longer collect the cannabis plants in the greenhouse.
  • In the clown level it is no longer possible to free the prostitutes. (Most likely due to them trying to make it so they don't appear like prostitutes.)

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every version that isn't on the NES is uncensored.