Mortal Kombat II - Super Famicom weird censorship

Mortal Kombat II is an American fighting game that was developed by Midway and first released in arcades in November 1993. Due to Nintendo wanting to make the game more family friendly for the Japanese market, violence was toned down for the Super Famicom release.


German censorship[]

  • The game was initially banned due to high impact violence. In March 2020, the ban was lifted.

Japanese censorship[]

  • Any scene that shows blood was modified for the Super Famicom release, in which the blood was digitally recolored green.
  • Any scene that shows a character performing a fatality was modified for the SFC release, in which the screen was digitally recolored black and gray.

Game Gear censorship[]

Any scene showing Fatality was modified for the Game Gear release. In the Game Gear version, Fatalities are Changed.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The international version of the Super Nintendo and other consoles versions are uncensored.

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