Miracleman is a superhero comic series that was published by Marvel from 1982 to 1987. Issues reprinted from 2014 and onwards are censored.


International censorship[]

General censorship[]

  • Nudity was removed only in the digital editions of the first four issues labeled Mass Market Editon. All the digital editions of issues labeled Parental Advisory Edition, as well as any collected editions, had non of the nudity removed.

Issue 4[]

  • The line "I think it's Fu Manchu" was changed to "I think it's The Avengers."
    • Correction: The original line "I think it's The Avengers." appeared in the Marvelman Summer Special (1984) published by Quality Comics. It was changed to the "Fu Manchu" line for the Miracleman 3D-Special (1985) published by Eclipse, to link to the story they were reprinting which was different from the reprint in the earlier issue. Marvel reprinted the story as originally presented, therefore is not censored. For context, "The Avengers" refers here not to the Marvel superhero team, but the UK TV spy series popular in the 1960s.
  • Big Ben replaced Garguanza in the flashback framing sequence. *Correction - as per the "Fu Manchu" line, this change was actually made for the Eclipse Miracleman 3D-Special (1985).
  • The line "For I have at this stage opted to become another crazy ni**** (censored due to wikia's terms of service)." was changed to "For I have at this stage opted to become another crazy n-----."

Issue 15[]

  • The line "Didn't I see a ni**** (censored due to Wikia's terms of service) earlier?" was changed to "Didn't I see a n----- earlier?"

Where to find it uncensored[]

All versions of the comic before the 2014 reprints were uncensored. All reprints not labeled as Mass Market Editon have uncensored nudity.

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