Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World is a RPG video game that was developed by New World Computing and published by New World Computing. The video game was released on 1988. Due to Nintendo policies at the time the game had to be censored.


International Censorship[]

  • Blood was removed.
  • The drink "Orc Beer" was changed to "Orc Foam".
  • The drink "Straight Shot" was changed to "Slithering Nectar".
  • The drink "Rare Vintage" was changed to "Bubbling Punch".
  • The drink "Mystic Brew" was changed to "Melted Wax".
  • The "Slaughtered Lamb" tavern was renamed "Norm's Tavern"
  • The tavern owner in Atlantium no longer raves about being the best brewmaster was changed to the tavern owner raving about having the best refreshments.
  • The "Devil's Brownie" was renamed "Demonenbrownie".
  • The "Lucky Dog Saloon" was renamed "Lucky Dog Tavern"
  • The bartender now toasts with "Juice" instead of "Ale".
  • The word "Swine Soup" was renamed "Gruesome Soup".
  • The word "Wolf Nipple Chips" was renamed "Wolfit Down Chips".
  • The word "Leg of Wyvern" was renamed "Wyvern Kebab".
  • The tavern in Vulcania called "Belinthra's Bar" was renamed "Belinthra's Tavern"
  • Instead of a cup of Mead the bartender in Vulcania toasts with a glass of juice she is also more "chaste" in the SNES version.
  • Instead of "Troll Liver" was renamed "Spider Legs".
  • The tavern Sansobar the barmaid became a waitress, she is no longer in the middle of a bloodthirsty brawl, but only in the middle of a destructive brawl.
  • The word "Roast Peasant" was renamed "Roast Salamander".

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other platform has it uncensored.