Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a CGI children's TV series made by Bobs Gannaway that first aired on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) on 5 May 2006. It ran for a decade and included 4 seasons consisting of 125 episodes. The last episode aired on 6 November 2016. However, some episodes have been censored or blocked in some countries for various reasons.


International censorship[]

Season 1[]

  • Episode 24 (Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt)
    1. This episode was blocked from most (if not all) video-streaming sites due to copyright, and the only way this can be viewed is by buying the DVD.

Disney+ Censorship[]

Season 4[]

  • Episode 115 (Super Adventure!)
  1. Goofy's line "He's gonna shrink us!" was cut[1]

UK censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Episode 6 (Goofy In Training)
    1. When this episode aired in the UK, the scene where the Space Helmet mouseketool is used was cut for unknown reasons.

Chinese censorship[]

Season 4[]

  • Episode 16 (Around The Clubhouse World)
    1. The episode was pulled from Chinese video streaming platforms because when the episode first aired, Taiwan was excluded when Ludwig Von Drake points to China on the globe. The episode was later censored and reappeared on video streaming platforms, and the uncensored episode can only be found on DVD or on US airings of the episode.