(at some point make sure each individual article linked to from UK has a meta-censorship section)

Meta-censorship is the censorship of the exact details of censorship, and/or transparent censorship (i.e., obfuscating/disguising the fact that something has been censored)

Exact censoring criteria not available:

  • IWF's exact blocking criteria (?)
  • British Board of Film Classification's exact censoring criteria (?)

The following are transparently censored:

  • Films, TV (no evidence scenes are cut
    • But probably transparent for artistic reasons; no effort to suppress informaiton on what is censored
  • IWF's block-list quite often makes it seem as if the webpage is unavailable/non-existant, rather than censored
    • depends on ISP

The following information pertaining to censorship is itself censored/not given

  • The sites/pages blocked by IWF
    • BUT, not censoring these would kinda defeat the point of the IWF