Men with Sword (Chinese: 刺客列传; pinyin: Cì Kè Liè Zhuàn) is a 2016 Chinese streaming television series produced by Sohu and premiered on August 14, 2016, with 30 episodes. The all-male cast is mainly composed by members of the Taiwanese boy band SpeXial, including Eden Zhao, Evan Ma, Dylan Xiong, Ian Yi, Simon Lian, Wayne Huang and Win Feng.

A second season, also of thirty episodes, was released on June 15, 2017. The series focuses on the power struggle of five different Kings and their closest confidants, as they must choose between loyalty, love and revenge.

Chinese Censorship[]

It has suffered from interference by Chinese censors. The show was taken offline after it became popular and made available again shortly after, with a number of cuts censoring romantic scenes between the male characters.