Maniac Mansion is a point and click adventure video game that was developed by Lucasfilm Games and Realtime Associates. The game was released by Jaleco on September 1990. Due to Nintendo's policies at the time, the NES version of the game had to be censored.


International censorship[]

  • The message in the shower "For a good time EDNA 3444." was changed to "CALL EDNA 3444".
  • If you are thrown into the dungeon by nurse Edna and are a boy, she says "How silly of me! I should have tied you to my bed!" it was changed to "I have half a good mind to talk to my husband!"
  • If you are thrown into the dungeon by nurse Edna and are a girl, she says "You're lucky you're not a boy or you'd be in BIG trouble now!" it was changed to "Just you wait until I talk to your mother!"
  • When you prank call Edna and she says "Hello? Who's there? Is this a prank phone call? It doesn't sound like a prank phone call ... there's no heavy breathing. Here, let me show you how to do it ... " it was changed to "Cousin Ted? Is that you? I've been waiting for your call. I haven't heard from you since your operation. Let me tell you what's been happening. It was 20 years ago today ... "
  • The nude statue second floor was removed.
  • The Playboy calendar and the poster of a female mummy were removed from the training room.
  • The word kill was removed from the game.
  • The arcade "DIE, ENEMY, DIE!" was removed from the arcade room.
  • The arcade "KILL THRILL" in the arcade room was renamed to "TUNA DIVER".
  • The "Disco sucks!" poster was removed from the room of the green tentacle.
  • If you let the water out of the pool Dr. Fred says "Boy is the meteor going to be pissed." it was changed to "Boy, the meteor is going to be maaaad!"
  • If Dr. Fred reveals to his son Ed that the meteor needs its beloved hamster his father says "You're going to piss-off the meteor." it was changed to "You're going to tick-off the meteor."
  • The scene where Dr. Fred says "Well, my dear. Hope you're having fun! Within minutes it`ll be all be over. You'll be hocked up to my machine getting your pretty brains sucked out." the word "sucked out" was removed.
  • The scene where Ed says "He hasn't been at dinner for 5 years and he's been bringing those bodies down into the basement late at night." it was changed to "He hasn`t slept in 5 years".
  • The scene where Dave says "Don't be a smart ass!" it was changed to "Don't be a tuna head!"

European censorship[]

  • All international censorship applies.
  • The hamster in the microwave was removed.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Commodore 64 version is uncensored.

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