The MOIGE (Italian: MOvimento Italiano Genitori, Italian: "Italian Parents' Movement") is an Italian non-profit, lobbying and advocacy organization established in 1997 by Maria Rita Munizzi and Antonio Affinita, and later, by a group of parents whose goal was to constitute themselves as mediators between the parents themselves and public and private entities.

It is engaged in the social and educative sphere to protect minors, which the organisation states that are "threatened by pedophilia, bullying or violent and vulgar television programmes", and for the safeguarding of parents' rights. The organisation also states that its associative goal is to carry out an "non-partisan and aconfessional" action "to promote and safeguard parents' and minors' rights in the sphere of social life".

Since 2008, it is affiliated to the FoNAGS (Italian: Forum Nazionale delle associazioni dei genitori nella scuola, "National Forum of the Parents' Associations in School"), instituted in the Italian Ministry of Education, to create a permanent discussion table between the parents' world and the Ministry.

Despite the MOIGE declaring itself as "non-partisan and aconfessional", it is often described as "Catholic" due to their values and common initiatives coinciding with those of Catholic associations and publications.

What it criticises[]

The MOIGE usually takes issue of anything mentioning sexuality, violence, gambling, smoking.

Shows they criticised[]

The MOIGE states that television in certain timeslots should be able to be followed by a child without needing control of the parents, inviting to report through its own website or hotline the shows deemed not suitable to minors[1]. Its criticism regarded animated shows, advertising, films[2] and sports deemed as violent such as wrestling[3]. The organisation even tried to sue newcasts, accused of showing images not suitable to children, even though these are relevant to the described news[4]. The organisation also relatively lambasts shows broadcasted outside the watershed, when the child should be followed by a parent instead. MOIGE deems the "dots" system to tag films suitable to minors as insufficient[5]. In deference to this criticism, some films, even those of recognised cultural value, are either aired at late night or subjected to cuts concerning sexual or violent scenes. Among the directors targeted by said attention are Quentin Tarantino and the late Stanley Kubrick[6][7].

  • Bisturi! Nessuno è perfetto - this tuesday evening reality show where participants getting cosmetic surgery, which even depicted footage of the oprerations, had its timeslot shifted from prime time to 21:10 and the advertising spaces for the show on Italia 1 to the extent that the show had all of its advertising took out and, consequentially, not being reproposed anymore[8][9].
  • I fantastici cinque - this reality show,which is an Italian version of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy format, was criticised by the MOIGE due to its treatment of the treatment of homosexuality as comedic. As a result of MOIGE's protests, the show was moved to the late night timeslot.
  • Will & Grace - this sitcom about a gay lawyer and his female interior designer friend living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, was criticised by the MOIGE for treating the subject of homosexuality in a comedic way. However, unlike I fantastici cinque, the sitcom did not suffer any change.
  • WWE Friday Night SmackDown - This pro wrestling show, aired on a weekly basis on Italia 1, was criticised by MOIGE for the violence of its fights, in particular, the unsportsman-like behaviour of the wrestlers, who, according to plot convenience, were forced to hit eachother's backs and hit with objects such as chairs and tables, even outside the ring. Although the show has a disclaimer saying that the athletes were stuntman and the recommendation to not emulate the actions, the MOIGE expressed concern about the potential injuries children could have by imitating the wrestlers' moves and stunts. In the last months, Smackdown! had its timeslot moved from early night to saturday morning[10]. The show's cancellation from Italia 1's schedule in 2007 was due to the death of Eddie Guerrero and the double murder-suicide of Chris Benoit, as said news episodes did not resonate with a show aimed towards a young audience.
  • La macchina del tempo - this popular science documentary show hosted by Alessandro Cecchi Paone on Rete 4 was criticised by the MOIGE in 1998 due to an episode of the show presenting the execution of a man sentenced to death, with the organisation stating to restort to legal ways, as they state that "the last moments of death do not have scientific value per se" and "the impact should not be overlooked on children, for which the traumas with the first experiences with death are known, but also for ill people themselves who could fall in depression"[11].
  • South Park - The MOIGE protested against this show, defining the network's behaviour as "Inacceptable" and "irresponsible", to the point that the organisation lobbied to denounce the airing of the show by the network and have the advertising companies to boycott Italia 1. As a result, its timeslot was shifted beyond midnight to the point to not be anymore aired by any Mediaset-owned network[12].

Anime they criticised[]

  • Dragon Ball - On 2 November 2000, the MOIGE reported the airing of a Dragon Ball film to the AGICOM (Italian Communications Regulatory Authority) presided by Enzo Cheli and Rai 2 director Carlo Freccero, deeming said animated film "definitely unsuitable to minors", stating in a note about "numerous scenes of erotic content"[13][14].
  • Dragon Ball Z - In 2011-12, during a rerun, episodes 79 - "Is This the End?! A Brutally Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan", 80 - ""The Tide Suddenly Turns!! Piccolo, the Warrior Who Came Late" and 85 - "The Moment We've Waited For!!! Son Goku is Revived") were not aired for the first time, due to protests from the MOIGE, who deemed these "too violent"[15]. During this rerun, many heavy video edit in almost every episode featuring blood was made, also cutting a scene from episode 253 - "I've Stopped Killing!! Majin Boo's Good Boy Declaration", in which two gunmen killed an old couple for fun, whose showing costed Mediaset a €100.000 fine[16].

Adverts they criticised[]

  • In 2004, the MOIGE protested against an advert for soft drinks Oransoda, Lemonsoda and Pelmosoda featuring a young man in a motorboat shaking his head at the rhythm of the bouncing of a bikini-clad young woman's breasts while he was serving the drink, which the organisation defined as "degrading"[17].
  • In 2006, the MOIGE protested against an erotic advert for snacks brand Amica Chips, starring porn actor Rocco Siffredi (where he was credited as "actor) walking in the middle of a group of bikini-clad girls near a pool[18]. The ad, based on many double entendres (as "patatina", which is the Italian word for "potato crisp" can also be a slang for female genitalia), with the actor boasting about "tasting them all" ("le ho provate tutte") while eating crisps from a bag. According to the organisation, the presence of the actor was a disturbing element towards children; the MOIGE did not however explained why a child should know the Siffredi's profession. The censorship of the advert as a subject of a debate on freedom of expression. As a sign of protest, Amica Chips aired the advert with the same scenes, with simply the slogan "quelli della patatina" ("The ones [the company] of the potato crisp") with Siffredi not saying anything.
  • In 2012, MOIGE campaigned for the censorship of an advert for colthing brand Ra-Re, which featured homosexual people in a playful attitude, which the organisation deemed "too vulgar", but the MOIGE clarified that it would have the same reaction even if people of the same sex would not be there[19].

Films they criticised[]

  • Lolita (1997) - this film directed by Adam Lyne which is a remake of Stanley Kubrick's Lolita (based on Vladimir Nabokov's novel of the same name) had its TV broadcasting opposed by the MOIGE, who denounced the director and the distributor of the film for "instigating pedophilia"[20].
  • Eyes Wide Shut - this film, which was Kubrick's last film, was targeted various times by the MOIGE, who wanted Mediaset networks to not air it (due to nudity, which said organisation deemed as "putting minors at risk"). Said networks, as a result, were forced to shift its timeslot from 20:45 to late night.


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