Lords of Dogtown is a 2005 drama film that was produced by Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Art Linson Productions, Indelible Pictures and Senator International and it was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. The film was released on June 3, 2005. Due to the film targeting a PG-13 rating, it was censored for the North American release. HBO Max uses this censored version of the film rather then using the uncut version of the film.


International censorship[]

(HBO Max uses the censored North American PG-13 cut) (Note: Time codes of cuts are not shown)

  • The line "What the fuck?" was cut.
  • The line "Hey! My carburetor! Get the fuck out, koot!" was cut.
  • The line "Fucking anal pirate fags!" was cut.
  • The line "Go back, faggot!" was cut.
  • The scene where Tony says "Come on, get in the car. He's a dick. Let's go, come on." was cut.
  • The scene that shows Jay making out with Kathy and Tony having sex with Blanca was shortened and less explicit shots were used.
  • The scene where Jay says to a Old Lady "Love to get some gray beaver!" it was changed to "Love to me some of the vintage ass!"
  • The scene where a Old Lady says to Jay "Come back when your balls drop." was cut.
  • The scene where Jay says to a Old Lady "Yeah, your looking good!"
  • The line "Would you be willing to make a exception for us today?" was cut
  • The scene where Skip says "Baby doll. Let me just say I'm willing to negotiate." was cut.
  • The scene that shows Skip swinging his hips was cut.
  • The scene that shows Skip touching the woman's breasts was cut.
  • The scene where Jay says "Can I suck on your panties." was cut.
  • The line "I just got laid." was changed to "Dude, I just found god."
  • The line "Thunder Monkey's all over my shit, dude." was changed to "Thunder Monkey's all over me."
  • The line "I wanna do it all fucking now." was changed to "I wanna do it all now."
  • The line "Here's where you been, my little devil." was changed to "Hey Jay."
  • The line "Your going to get it, you little motherfucker!" it was changed to "Your going to get it, you little!"
  • The line "Come on, you little pussy! Get up!" was changed to "Come on, you!" Get up!"
  • The line "I'll fucking kill that motherfucker!" was changed to "I'll fucking kill that!"
  • The line "Get the fuck up!" was cut.
  • The line "Fucking faggot! Go fuck yourself..." was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The unrated version that was eventually released in North America is uncensored and every region has always had it uncensored.