In 2009, Little Lion Man was released as a debut single by English folk rock band Mumford & Sons from their studio album Sigh No More in the United Kingdom and had its performance, charting in several countries including those of Australia, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand and more.


Radio censorship[]

  • Prior to being released on radio stations, the recommended cut had minimal changes. On The Late Show with David Letterman, the line saying "fucked it up" was completely amended to "messed it up" as not to offend some of the more younger viewers. This version was rebroadcasted on radio stations in 2011 as "Little Lion Man (Radio Edit)" and the hidden outro was reinstated. The radio edit with excerpts from the "messed it up" version can be heard on Google Drive.[1]

CD censorship[]

  • On the Now That's What I Call Music albums (entitled 37 in New Zealand and 74 in the UK), this line "fucked" remains muted.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The album version on Sigh No More is uncensored.