Hostel: Part II is an American horror film written and directed by Eli Roth, produced by Next Entertainment and Raw Nerve, and distributed by Lionsgate in North America. The film was released on June 8, 2007 as the sequel to Hostel. Due to its extreme, sadistic horror violence, the uncut version was banned in New Zealand. It was also censored in several other countries.


The original poster of this film, which depicts close up of human flesh, was withdrawn after it drew complaints from American patrons.

The uncensored version was banned in New Zealand due to the "blood-bath scene" considered to be "physical conduct in which sexual satisfaction is obtained by the perpetrator from the infliction of cruelty and pain on Lorna". The excisions were made after initially declining them, and the film was subsequently classified R18.

In Germany, the least censored "German Extended Version" has been determined to cause serious harm to minors by a court in Munich and is therefore banned. The SPIO/JK version was cut by seven seconds in comparison to the unrated version, while the theatrical FSK 18 version has over two minutes cut.

The film is also banned in Iran, Malaysia, and Ukraine.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The home video releases contain the uncensored "unrated" director's cut.