High Tension (aka Haute Tension) is a 2003 New French Extremity horror slasher film that was written & directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes 2006, Crawl) and was released by EuropaCorp and in the US Lionsgate. It was released in French theaters completely uncut with an Interdit aux moins de 16 ans age restriction. In order to get a MPA R rating in the US so it can have a wider commercial release, the American version toned down some of the gore as a result. The film is also similarly censored in Germany and South Korea due to their respective strict regulations on movie violence.


North America censorship[]

  • The scene where the father gets his head severed by a dresser is rather more implicit, less explicit. Blood splatter shots were also removed.
  • The mother's death scene is less graphic, with the shot of her throat getting slit removed, the shot of her hand removed, and the blood splatters reduced.
  • The scene where Jimmy gets killed cut to the killer's face instead to shorten his death scene.
  • The scene where Marie beats the killer to death with a barbed wire club is shortened by having her only hit him a few times.
  • The concrete saw scene is shortened to remove some of the blood splatters and gore shots.
  • The scene where Alex stabs Marie with a crowbar is slightly shorter.

Germany censorship[]

(pre-March 2023 FSK-18 rated releases, the SPIO/JK release is also cut, but not as much)

  • To secure the FSK-18 rating, it more or less uses the exact same censored R-rated US version.

South Korean censorship[]

(The 18-rated version, the Special Edition version released later is uncut)

  • Most of the censorship from the US and German versions are present here.
  • The two shots of the killer pleasuring himself with the woman's severed head in the truck were removed.
  • The father's death is cut even further to remove the decapitation part.

Where to find it uncensored[]

In North America, the unrated DVD and Blu-ray releases are completely uncensored. In South Korea as mentioned above, the Special Edition DVD is completely uncensored. And in Germany, the movie is no longer indexed as of March of 2023 and the uncut version was finally granted a FSK-18 rating. The new 4K UHD Blu-ray release by Plaion Pictures (formerly Koch Media) is the first ever completely uncensored release in Germany. Lastly, every other country has had this movie uncensored from the start.