Hello! Sandybell is a 1981 anime made by Toei Animation. It was aired in Japan by TV Asahi.

Italian Censorship[]

Rai Dub[]

  • Episode 32, 35, and 45 were cut.
  • In the original Japanese version, Honor asks Kern if Sandybell is his illegitimate child, it became changed to asking if he hasn't been chanted by the little girl.

Mediaset Dub[]

  • All mentions of death are eliminated.
  • In episode 32, the scene Mark getting beaten up was cut.
  • In episode 45, the scene of the sailor washing his blood stained hands was cut.

Middle Eastern Censorship[]

  • In episode 1, 15 seconds was cut out because it depicted Sandybell (who is 12 years old) in her underwear.
  • Religious references were cut.

Where to find uncensored[]

The original Japanese version is completely uncensored.