Half-Life is a science fiction first-person shooter developed by Valve Software and published by Sirrea/Valve. In order to get a USK 16 rating for the German release, the game was censored to remove much of the graphic violence. This was done in order to get the game released in Germany, due to the country's strict rules regarding video game violence at the time of release.


Germany censorship[]

Robot grunt01

The human HECU soldiers are replaced by Robo Grunts in the German version

  • Characters no longer bleed when injured. (the only blood is from monsters now.)
  • Blood on walls were removed.
  • Corpses immediately disappear after dying (this originally only happened to was enemies torn apart by grenades.)
  • HECU soldiers are all robots instead of humans and were given robotic voices to fit this
  • Barnacles vomit mechanical parts such as springs and cogs when killed instead of vomiting up gore.
  • Bullet wounds no longer happen.
  • Blood splatters were removed (even from monster enemies)
  • Scientists and Security guards no longer die but instead sit down on the floor and shake their heads.
  • The death animation of the female assassin was altered so that her eyes remain covered by her night vision goggles rather than become visible after the goggles slide off.
  • The assassin's breasts also do not bounce while walking.
  • In the multiplayer portion of the game, the only available player model is Helmet.
  • Most of the screams that characters make were removed.

Singaporean censorship[]

  • The video game is banned in Singapore due it its violent content.

Where to find it uncensored?[]

Every other country has it completely uncensored. In 2017, A patch was released for the German Version that restored all censored content.